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KU is building two new residence halls


KU Student Housing specializes in providing a variety of living options, building healthy communities and promoting academic success. As part of the goal to transform undergraduate education on the KU campus, KU will build two new residence halls.
KU Student Housing is planning:

  • Two new freshman only residence halls to open in August 2015. The halls will house about 350 students each.
  • These halls will replace McCollum Residence Hall, which will be razed.


Where will these halls be located?
The halls will be located on the western edge of Daisy Hill, at 15th and Iowa, south of Templin Residence Hall and north of Irving Hill Road. These halls will combine with the existing residence halls to form the signature look of a residential quadrangle.

What will the buildings include?
The design of the five-story halls will provide a mix of public and private areas, opportunities for group collaboration and study, and a smart classroom. Room types will include two- and four-person suites, and single-occupancy suites.

When will students be able to sign a housing contract for this option?
Students may sign an online contract for the August 2015 move-in date beginning in September 2014. Students begin choosing their space in spring 2015.

What is the timeline?
The Kansas Board of Regents approved this project at its October 17, 2012 meeting. The design phase occurred between February 2013 and November 2013. Construction is expected to begin in March 2014 and be completed by June of 2015. The new halls will open in August 2015.

How much will this cost?
Total project cost is estimated at $47.8 million. That number includes construction of the halls and the demolition cost of McCollum. Student housing is a fee-funded department and, as with other renovations, the construction cost will be borne by students who choose to live in these new buildings, not by general tuition or other means.

When was the last new residence hall built at KU?
Oliver Residence Hall in 1966.

What happens to McCollum Residence Hall?
McCollum will be demolished and the current location of McCollum Hall will become a surface parking lot.
What happens to McCollum’s structure:
  • All furniture or other interior accessories, etc., will be removed and re-used.
  • The building will be abated of any hazardous materials.
  • Metal materials will be recycled.
  • Concrete and masonry materials will be crushed and used for gravel fill for parking lots, road development and used on other projects.
  • The amount of waste that will be taken to the landfill will be kept to a minimum as much as possible.
Where will students live during the project?
McCollum Hall will continue to operate until the new buildings are built.

A history of Student Housing renovations (excluding new construction)

  • GSP Hall: renovated and reopened in August 2012
  • Jayhawker Towers A & D: renovated and reopened in August 2009 and 2010
  • Hashinger Hall: renovated and reopened in August 2006
  • Ellsworth Hall: renovated and reopened in August 2004
  • Lewis Hall: renovated and reopened in August 1999
  • Templin Hall: renovated and reopened in August 1997

History of McCollum Residence Hall

  • Located on Daisy Hill at 1800 Engel Road. Phone: (785) 864-4860
  • Opened spring semester 1965
  • 10 residential floors plus basement
  • Traditional two-person rooms with built-in closet, dresser and mirror
  • Original capacity for 910 coed residents
  • Living and study areas on each floor. Large main floor lobby, academic resource center, and living room for studying, recreation, and educational program
  • Student kitchen on the first floor
  • KU Card-operated laundry facilities plus music practice room on the first floor
  • Named for brothers Elmer V. and Burton McCollum, alumni and distinguished scientists who grew up in Lawrence. Elmer discovered vitamins A and D; Burton pioneered the use of seismography mapping for oil drilling companies.

A history of how the decision was made:

In late 2011, KU advertised a Request for Proposals for a market study and master planning consultant team. With its partner, Brailsford-Dunleavy, Gould Evans assessed campus needs and student interests through local research, interviews, focus groups with university leaders and students, and an on-line student survey about room configurations and amenities. Gould Evans analyzed the local housing market, developed demand estimates and researched price points. Research was completed in May 2012. KU administration made decisions regarding this project in September 2012.


KU Parking & Transit recommends that you do not bring a car to campus. Public transportation includes bus service on campus—serving every residential community—and throughout the city of Lawrence.

Ongoing parking updates, due to the residence hall construction: 


Parking and Transit's website now has information for new students who wish to purchase a parking permit (see drop down menu for Daisy Hill). Parking permit sell date: Students may begin to sign up for the lottery for a parking permit on July 1, 2014. An email will be sent to students when the portal opens, and again after the lottery has taken place.  Daisy Hill (McCollum, Ellsworth, Hashinger, Lewis and Templin) parking lots will not be oversold. In case there is a higher demand than the number of spaces available, Parking & Transit will award permits randomly by lottery, and then issue permits for lot 114 on a space available basis, or student yellow permits, to any students not getting a Daisy Field permit.

  • An annual Daisy Field or yellow permit costs $225. Semester rates are $124/semester.
  • A moped/cycle permit costs $64 per year.
  • Annual permits are valid from August 1 – July 31.

Can I transfer my assignment to a hall with a greater latitude of parking, such as GSP/Corbin, or Oliver?
As space is available, you are welcome to request a transfer. Call the Student Housing office on Friday afternoons to check availability in other communities. Please be aware that GSP, Corbin and Oliver parking lot permits are oversold by Parking and Transit, so you may be parking further away in overflow parking lots.


Due to the limited number of parking stalls available for residents of Daisy Hill, not every resident will be allowed to purchase a permit. A lottery will be held to randomly select which residents may purchase permits.


APRIL 2014

Parking and Transit has announced new options for parking at Daisy Hill.

Here is the original e-mail sent to those who have Daisy Hill parking permits for the 2013-14 school year:
Since Spring Break, Parking & Transit has continued our efforts to find alternatives for the parking lost on Daisy Hill due to the construction. We are happy to report that we can offer the following new options:
  • The Lied Center has agreed to make section D of lot 300 available for DF permits, and the temporary gravel area that is being added north of section E is in place. Together with Section E of the Lied Center parking lot, which remains available for Daisy Hill parking permit holders, this is 450 spaces at the Lied Center. Overnight parking at the Lied Center is available in Sections D-E and the temporary gravel lot only.
  • Up to 50 Daisy Field permits may be converted to Stouffer Place permits, valid to park in lot 114 (accessed from 19th Street). A lottery will be held on Monday, April 7. Students who wish to exchange their permits to Stouffer Place should sign up online to put their names in the lottery drawing by 9 a.m. Monday, April 7. Parking & Transit will notify you of the next steps after the lottery is complete.
  • 10 parking meters have been removed from lots 101-104, and we are reviewing the usage of the remaining meters

We’ve also heard from many of you with safety concerns related to parking in the Park & Ride lots and the distance from there to Daisy Hill. Vehicles can be accessed at Park & Ride using both route 41 and SafeRide:
  • Route 41 (Park & Ride) operates 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday, and until 7 p.m. Fridays, when classes are in session. Although our Transit Guide and the digital signs on the buses both say route 41 does not stop on Daisy Hill, the bus will stop to drop off students who boarded at Park & Ride and pick up students needing to get to Park & Ride. But, it will not drop off students who boarded on main campus to return to Daisy Hill.
  • SafeRide operates 10:30 p.m. – 2:30 a.m. 7 nights a week. Call 785-864-SAFE [7233] during those hours to request a ride from the Park & Ride parking lot—or anywhere inside the city limits. You’ll need to show your KU Card to get in the car.
  • Parking & Transit is exploring additional options for providing access between Daisy Hill and Park & Ride during the hours between 2:30 – 6:30 a.m. If you have a specific need for access to your car at Park & Ride during these hours, please let us know as many details as possible in the text box in the same form for the Stouffer Place permit exchange request.
Additional Transit Options
  • SafeBus is available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. Routes 52 (Red) and 53 (Yellow) each depart Daisy Hill every 20 minutes, on alternating 10 minute intervals. Route 53 crosses Jayhawk Boulevard on its way downtown, and route 52 reaches downtown via residential areas along Crestline, Emery Road, and 9th Street. For specific information about each of these routes and how they connect to routes 54 (to 31st & Iowa) and 55 (to Clinton Parkway & Wakarusa), the map is available to view online or pick up a pocket map at the front desk of your residence hall.
  • Nightline, a new night/after-hours shared ride service offered by Lawrence Transit, is available for rides anywhere within the city limits 8 p.m. – 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday. The cost is $2/ride, and rides must be scheduled in advance at (785) 312-7054. Call during business hours, Monday – Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This service is not free for KU students; KU Cards are not valid on Nightline.
  • Another option for students who decide to leave their car at home is Hertz 24/7. One Hertz vehicle was relocated to lot 19 by the Burge Union. Information about how to use the Hertz program is at www.parking.ku.edu/hertz. Membership in the program is free, but you should allow up to 7 business days to process your membership.

If you have questions regarding your parking options, please email kupark@ku.edu or call (785) 864-PARK.



Click here to see the big photo (pdf)

Construction Updates

  • January 28,2015: The photo at left shows Hashinger Hall on the left side and the progress of the new buildings on the right. This perspective is as if you were standing in the quadrangle facing south.The photo at right shows the progress of window installation on the north building.

  • December 14: Looking east at the construction of the center Daisy Commons building. In the background, you can see the corners of Hashinger Hall at left and Ellsworth Hall at right. Exterior trim work is starting to be put in place. 

  • December 1: Preparing for roof installation. Exterior insulation and brick work continues. Commons building that connects the two residence halls begins to take shape.  

  • November 3: The 5th story has been added to the north building. Exterior sheathing completed and brick going on the north building. Progress on the south building.  

  • October 20: North building construction progresses to the 5th floor, and exterior coverage continues. The link between the commons building and the north building is being constructed, and will serve as an exterior passage way from east to west. 

  • September 23: The new Engel Road and new bus stops are open. The fourth-floor slab on the north building is being poured. The second-floor slab has been poured on the south building. 

  • August 28: A look at the webcam shows the second-floor slab being poured on the north building. The photos below show plumbing installation and the new Engel Road pavement, which loops behind the two new halls.
  • August 21: Move-in day for 2014-15. Chancellor Gray-Little surveys the construction during move-in day.

  • July: Crane moved on-site.
  • May 20: Webcam of the building site is live.
  • April 5: Gravel lot north of Lied Center Section E open for use by DF permit holders
  • April 4: Milling of the parking lots has begun
  • March 5: Join KU Student Housing, Student Affairs and Undergraduate Studies as we break ground for two new residence halls located on Daisy Hill. The 15-month construction process will create two new residence halls, new KU Dining Services amenities and an academic service area serving all of Daisy Hill. In order to watch this video, click here


Rendering of the entry to the new Commons building on Daisy Hill. All residence halls feature a variety of study spaces.


This is a static screen capture from the webcam taken in late August. To view the full page of the current webcam, click here.

This is a static screen capture from the webcam taken in late May.

Updates on Daisy Hill new buildings

New Hall Mockup

More than $200,000 in annual scholarships to returning residents
Academic success: More than 94 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen in student housing enroll for the next semester
5,200 residents choose student housing each year
Residence hall rates are almost $2,000 less per year than the national average for public schools
— College Board
$4 million gift from schol hall alum Carl Krehbiel funded newest hall
Options include suites, traditional rooms, scholarship halls, and apartments
62 student housing buildings on about 100 acres across the KU campus
Two new halls will open in 2015
One bill covers all costs: room, food, utilities, and wireless Internet