Address: 1800 Engel Road, Lawrence Kansas

Phone: (country code +1)785-864-4860

Share your memories of McCollum Hall with us before it closes in 2015. Use this form to upload text or video (suitable to all audiences) about your time in McCollum.

McCollum Hall will close; please consider the other available buildings for 2015-16.

McCollum main floor lobby

First floor hosts a ping pong table

First-floor lobby is also a homework spot

10th floor has private rooms reserved for returning residents

A 10th floor private room

Studying for finals

More study space

A Resident Assistant on the 10th floor


Contributing to Academics

  • Wireless Internet
  • Print your class assignments at the "print anywhere" stations in your hall
  • Study spaces on each floor


Your Room

  • Bed- lofting is optional through third-party vendor
  • Extra-long twin mattress
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Built in dresser with mirror
  • Closet
  • Trash can
  • Venetian blinds


Your Hall

  • Located on Daisy Hill
  • Traditional two-person rooms with a closet, mirror, and dresser (view hall layout)
  • 900 coed residents
  • Living rooms on each floor
  • KU Card-operated laundry areas
  • Opened 1965


Have Fun Here

  • Large living room on the main floor for studying, playing ping-pong, or visiting friends
  • Full kitchen on the first floor
  • Sound proof music room on the first floor
  • Walking distance from other students on Daisy Hill



Nic Babarskis
Complex Director


Julie D'Auteuil
Administrative Assistant

Larry Rapagnani, 1965
Moved in the first year it was opened and I was a senior in the engineering school. I was an RA during the year. The first memory I had was that McCollum was built such that the front of the dorm faced a female dorm. I remember too many occasions where I had to counsel "younger" men on using binoculars at night looking at the adjacent dorm.

Chris Saricks, 1966
On June 8, 1966 (the day of the Topeka tornado), I moved into McCollum to become part of the Summer Honors Program that was housed in that facility (then a gender-segregated dorm) for classes in advance of freshman year. It became quite a summer -- crazy, troubling, exhilarating. The Charles Whitman and Richard Speck mass murders took place while we were there, and John Sebastian and the Lovin' Spoonfuls "Hot Town Summer in the City" was #1 on top-40 radio. The gang on my sixth-floor wing included many folks from both Kansas and out-of-state communities, among whom was the late Ralph Chatham from Chagrin Falls, OH, who later became a distinguished submarine commander in the U.S. Navy and the dedicatee of Tom Clancy's first best-seller, "The Hunt for Red October." We organized a pretty bad softball team for KU intramurals, Harry's Horrors, for which I prepared the uniforms. The high-level view of squall-line storms approaching from the southwest was nonpareil. A different time, with different drivers -- the Cold War was still front and center. I will never forget McCollum as central to my introduction to campus life.

Frank, 1987
You remember certain moments and places in your life. McCollum Hall was definitely one of those places. Although I only lived there one year, it was a year I'll never forget. My roommate wound up being one of the best friends I ever had. Some of the guys that lived on our wing were I am still great friends with. (The people and parties were great.)

Carmen C., 1991
Traci was my RA. We had t-shirts made for our floor created by John Knepper (he may be known as Thor now). I remember all of us watching bracket basketball in the common area. I had the time of my life. Kristine Schnebly where are you?

Sara Gillispie Miller, 2000
I remember hanging out with everyone on the second floor. We had dance parties, ordered pizzas late, and just hung out together. A bunch of us even drove to Dallas for Spring Break in 2001.

"Big B" Byron Myrick, 1987
I lived in room 747. We called it "The Jet House Suite " and sweet it was. If such an award existed it would have won dorm room of the year--every year. I loved living there and working in the kitchen downstairs.

Kirklin & Amber Bateman, 1986
I moved in to McCollum as a freshman in August 1986, and met a cute ARMY ROTC cadet, and dorm security guard, who happened to live on the 6th floor, as did I. I got my 'MRS' from KU in May 1988, when I married the above mentioned cadet, who graduated the next day with a BA in History. Just after our 25th wedding anniversary and that cadet's retirement after a quarter of a century of military service, our youngest (of two children), moved in to Ellsworth his freshman year, and thought it was somewhat surreal that his parents met at the hall "next door." Now, Kieran has just completed his sophomore year at KU, and is in Navy ROTC (Marine option), and loves being a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!

Traci Moore, 1988
Third floor was my home my first year, and I met so many amazing people who are still my friends. I worked as a Desk Assistant, Security and, my favorite, an RA for two years! I called 6th floor home at that point, and then third floor finally. So many important moments, important people and inspirational relationships were brought through my life at McCollum. I can never name everyone, but my residence hall director, Leanna Lamb, was very special in my work tenure.

Amy Kay (Harris), 2005
My freshman year was one of the best years of my life. I made amazing memories with such fun people. McCollum will always be a part my of heart!

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