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Are you feeling the Rock Chalk excitement for next year? (But you're also feeling a little nervous and overwhelmed? We’ll let you in on the secret - nearly every incoming Jayhawk is.) Student Housing staff are always here to help - so let us know what’s on your mind in the textbox below. If you're wondering about something, chances are someone else is, too.

We invited you to ask us anything about your future on-campus housing, and we've sifted through your questions to provide the answers below. Take a look at what incoming Jayhawks asked and let us know in the form below if you have a question.

Hi! I would like to live in Lewis but I was wondering what the price difference between the 2 person suites and the 4 person suites was? Also are there lots of activities to help everyone get to know each other? Thank you very much and have a great day!

A: All rates are listed here. A 2-person Lewis suite is $6,600 and a 4-person suite is $6,800. You can see the differences in the layout of each space in the virtual tours on the Lewis page. And yes, living in a residence hall is the best way to meet people and become integrated into the life of the university! This past year, the global pandemic presented more challenges but activities included lots of outdoor events when the weather was nice, plus zoom meetups, teams meetings, drive-in movies and more. We are looking forward to a greater face-to-face campus life when school starts again in August.

Q: How do I know which building I want to live in?

A: We love this question because the right answer is all about you - what fits your needs and preferences most. However, here's a handy way to think about your housing that helps you rank important amenities, such as privacy, affordability, and convenience.

Q: I heard that KU is planning to hold in-person classes next year, but what if something happens? How did Housing  respond last year during the pandemic?

A: Student Housing, in conjunction with the university administration, decided to refund more than $5 million to our residents who moved home after Spring Break last year or couldn't return to campus until later to collect their belongings. For students who couldn't return home for whatever reason, Housing stayed open to accommodate them during the worst of the pandemic. While we can’t predict what might happen, Student Housing’s mission is to be student-centered, which means we are more flexible than off-campus housing. For instance, we’ll make contract adjustments for students who study abroad or graduate early.

Q: Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus, and if so, where is campus parking? (Also, what's it cost?)

A: Yes, on-campus housing residents may certainly have cars and there are parking lots dedicated to on-campus housing buildings. However, you may not need it - KU has a robust free bus system that is (nearly) door-to-door. Find out about all things parking - including the cost - here. 

Q: I read that Honors housing is in Lewis for 2021-22, because Templin is closed. Are all Lewis rooms with bunks only? 

A: All Lewis beds are bunked to give residents the maximum amount of floor space in the suite. Beds could be unbunked but we don't recommend it. For a better sense of the bedroom and living room space, watch these handheld video tours of Lewis and Templin. The two halls are mirror images.

Q: How many two-person rooms with bath are available? My friend and I are really hoping to get one.

A: We house almost 5,000 students at KU, and surely there will be a space that will feel like home for you and your friend. As it turns out, while 2-person rooms with bath are fairly plentiful (more than 700 for both men and women across the entire housing system) they are also very popular for returning residents who choose their rooms before incoming freshmen. Stouffer Place also offers freshmen options - they are four-person or six-person spaces and have a private bedroom and private bathroom. And don't forget, when you and your friend are returning residents, you'll get to choose your space first.

Q: Are freshmen allowed to live in on-campus apartments?

A: Yep.

Q: Are freshman required to live on campus? Are freshman athletes required to live on campus?

A: Most of the freshmen class - upwards of 80 percent - choose to live on campus, although there is no requirement. Athletes are subject to the rules set by their coach and sport.

Q: Am I allowed to bring a microwave and space heater to my residence hall?

A: Yes (microwave) and no (space heater). See a complete list of what to bring and what's prohibited. The housing handbook will also be useful to you.

Q: Is there anyway to get a higher group number for housing selection? KU has recently become one of my top choices, and I’m worried I won’t get my preferred housing.

Let us put your mind at ease: With the number of options KU Housing has, there will be a great place for you to choose from. Group numbers are assigned by the date you submit a contract. One way to select space earlier is if you have a pre-selected roommate who will choose space before you do. That person can pull you in during room selection. The explanation of that is under the "roommate" tab.

Hi, I'm curious about how I would go about applying to certain housing and rooming, specifically how I would choose to have a room that has 4 rooms, sink, and bath?

You select your own room, so be sure to explore all your options before your online room selection occurs. For a space with four bedrooms, each with sink and bath, you'd want to look at Stouffer Place. If your question means you wants four rooms (two bedrooms with two persons in each bedroom, plus a living room, kitchen area, closet and bathroom) then you should investigate halls with suites, including Lewis, Self, Oswald, Ellsworth or Downs.


You've got numerous options for housing, and one of them is sure to fit your lifestyle and speak to your interests.

Through the hustle and bustle of your first year, your residential community - inclusive, welcoming, and supportive - can really make KU feel like home. If these questions have sparked some of your own, submit them below and we'll answer them on this page:

More than $200,000 in annual scholarships to returning residents
Academic success: More than 94 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen in student housing enroll for the next semester
5,100 residents choose student housing each year
Residence hall rates are almost $2,000 less per year than the national average for public schools
— College Board
$4 million alumni gift funded Krehbiel Scholarship Hall
Options include suites, private bedroom with shared bath, two-person rooms, scholarship halls, and apartments
Oswald and Self residence halls opened in 2015
One bill covers all costs: room, food, utilities, and wireless Internet
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities