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How to appeal a contract cancellation charge

You must submit a contract cancellation request online before submitting an appeal. Applicable charges remain on your Enroll & Pay account during the appeal.

Appeal process

  • All appeals must be submitted in writing to housing@ku.edu and contain the resident’s full name, online ID, and reason you believe an exception to the policy is needed.
  • The appeal must have supporting documentation.
  • Once you submit materials, they’re reviewed by KU Student Housing occupancy management staff. Additional documentation may be required.
  • We will communicate a decision by e-mail.

What reasons are considered for an appeal?
The reasons for which appeals are granted vary. We can't tell you how to write your appeal. It should be based on your situation and must include supporting documentation regarding changes in your circumstances since you signed your KU Student Housing contract - significant medical or financial issues, for example.

Classes announced are solely online and student will remain at permanent address rather than live on-campus

Student Housing realizes that adjustment of KU class schedules, with some courses only being offered online due to COVID-19, has led to uncertainty about whether a student wants to live on campus and take all on-line classes. Once KU has finalized course schedule changes, should a student’s classes be changed to on-line and the student decides they would prefer to remain at home vs. living on campus at KU, the student may cancel their housing contract and file a cancellation appeal to be released from the $750 cancellation charge that is in effect starting July 16 and through move-in. As part of the appeal process, Student Housing will verify that the student’s classes are online that the student is opting to instead live at their permanent address. In the event that international students would not be allowed to resume in-person study, they may file the same cancellation appeal as domestic students.

What will not be considered?

  • A general statement of concern regarding COVID-19 and safety with community living. [Note that Student Housing has options if students desire more privacy and less shared space.]
  • We will not waive the $50 non-refundable application fee.
  • Appeals of cancellations more than a year old.
  • After check-in, cancellation requests will not be approved for students who remain enrolled but wish to move off campus, including Greek chapter houses; full contract fees will apply.

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