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After you've staged your space...

...new details below explain your return on Aug 21-23, 2020.


KU Student Housing will follow new check-in procedures this August, both for your safety and to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. During the process of staging your room and before your subsequent return to campus:
  • Arrival: You will check-in with a photo ID at the front desk of your hall during your appointment time and get your room key.
  • COVID-19 testing: At check-in, you will take a COVID-19 saliva test. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or brush your teeth 30 minutes before you arrive. You will receive test results online and it may be up to 72 hours later.
  • Departure: After staging your room, you’ll return your room key to the front desk upon departure and reclaim it when you return to stay on campus.

Remember: To stage your room, you and everyone in your group must wear a face covering, practice social distancing, and wash hands or use hand sanitizer. A limited number of carts may be available, but you will have to disinfect the cart before and after use. Consider bringing your own handcart for your convenience. This Q&A contains other information regarding fall opening.

Arrive on campus at your pre-determined time, which is detailed in the confirmation email you received when you made your appointment.

No travel routes are designated for staging and move in. A map of all halls, plus addresses for each hall for use with any online mapping program, is available.

There will be designated unloading zones for vehicles near the front of your hall. Please unload, then move your empty vehicle to longer-term parking and return to set up your room. Avoid red or blue parking stalls, but cars in student parking lots will not receive tickets until Aug. 24. Hashinger: A section of the parking lot in front of Ellsworth Hall has been set aside for Hashinger residents.

Enter your hall and check in at the front desk. You will need to present a photo identification. From behind the plexiglass shield, the front desk assistant will put a clear Ziplock bag on the desk for you to take. Check to make sure it contains these items:

  • A pre-printed registration card, so you may confirm your information on it.
  • Your room key.
  • Two face coverings.
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • An envelope with your name and room number. Use this envelope to leave your key at the front desk when you depart campus. When you return to KU to stay, check in again at the front desk and retrieve your room key. If you neglect to return your key in the provided envelope when you’re finished setting up your room, you will be charged a $100 fee for a lock change.
  • Your KU ID card, which grants building access. Your KU ID card will be deactivated when you leave campus and reactivated upon your final move-in.

While the student is taking the COVID-19 saliva test, anyone who accompanied the resident should begin unloading the vehicle and moving items to the resident’s room. Those who accompany the resident do not have to be tested.

All on-campus residents will take a saliva test for COVID-19, at no cost to the resident. Testing sites will be at a table in the lobby of each building. Everyone living on campus will be tested, even if they've been tested in another setting (i.e., early program arrivals that may have required a separate test).

After you check-in at the front desk, go to the testing location in the hall and follow the attendant’s instructions for kit pick-up, registration, specimen collection, and completed kit drop-off. Here is a video of the process you’ll follow. Full instructions will also be available when you check in at your hall.

You will receive a text when your COVID-19 results are ready, up to 72 hours later. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will receive follow-up instructions about how to self-isolate and when you may return to campus. If you test negative, please continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus: wear a mask, observe social distancing, and regularly wash or sanitize hands.

If your COVID-19 test is negative, you will be able to return to campus after 5 p.m. August 21. When you return to campus, only you will be allowed to enter the building (no parents or guests), and will need to stop at the front desk to retrieve your room key to access your room.

Here are instructions about returning to campus to stay the weekend of Friday, Aug. 21 through Sunday, Aug. 23. Click on the link to find your hall and it will open a word document. These targeted emails were sent to the residents by community:

How to return to campus—Daisy Hill (Templin, Lewis, Self, Oswald, Hashinger, Ellsworth)

How to return to campus—Jayhawker Towers

How to return to campus—Downs Hall and Stouffer Place

How to return to campus—GSP and Corbin Halls

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More than $200,000 in annual scholarships to returning residents
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