Mailing address: 420 West 11th St., Lawrence Kansas 66045
Phone: (country code +1) 785-864-4182


Corbin Hall will be closed beginning in May 2017 and remain closed for the 2017-18 school year for a restoration. It is scheduled to reopen in August 2018. Students may sign contract for 2018-19 school year starting in September 2017.


The estimated $13.5 million restoration will include renovation of the main entry, all student rooms, restrooms, and other public spaces. Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems not already upgraded will be replaced. Corbin Hall was constructed in two phases, with the original building completed in 1923 and a north addition completed in 1951. It has 149 rooms, including a mix of single, double, and triple rooms, and houses only women.

KU’s first residence hall, Corbin sits on a historic ridge near the site where the University’s first building was built in 1866. Floor plans are diverse and rooms have a variety of dimensions.

Below, we have a before-and-after, with a link to the Spencer Archival information: