Housing credit and dining roll over

Residents received an April 22 email announcing that the housing credit will be issued within the next two weeks. Before the credit is issued, students should take certain steps for the refund to be processed correctly and efficiently. Click the first link on this page to read steps to ensure efficient refund.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, KU Student Housing will provide financial relief to students and issue a prorated room credit to residents who either:

  1. Moved out of housing and completed check-out between March 17 and April 9 or
  2. Confirmed by April 9 the need to defer their move out  due to travel or health restrictions related to COVID-19.

This credit will be applied to their campus student account. If the student has any outstanding amount due, these amounts  will be subtracted from their credit, and any remaining credit balance will be refunded.  

KU Dining plan balances will roll over to the next academic year and be available to students when they return to campus. Students graduating from KU or not re-enrolling will be issued a refund of their unused dining balance.


Who will be eligible for the housing credit?

  1. Residents who moved out and completed check out paperwork with KU Student Housing between March 17 and April 9 will be eligible. Credit takes about a month to process.
  2. Residents who informed KU Student Housing by April 9 that they required a deferred move out due to travel restrictions or health-related concerns. For residents who deferred move out, credits will be processed after their move out from KU Student Housing is completed. Information about how students with deferrals can arrange a move out will be shared later.

Residents who were granted an exemption to remain living on campus will not be eligible for a housing credit unless they waive their exemption and complete the move-out process prior to April 9. After April 9, residents with an exemption who continue to live on campus will not be eligible for a housing credit even if they move out prior to May 15. 

Residents who are part of a program that pays their housing costs directly through a housing specific scholarship or award or by a 3rd party (i.e. Kansas Athletics) will have any housing credit or refund returned to the payee and not the resident.

Residents who are required to live on campus as part of their enrollment at KU will not be eligible for the housing credit if they move off campus. 

Housing undergraduate staff members and others who receive their room and dining plan as part of their employment or leadership role will not be eligible for housing credit or refund. 

How much should I expect my housing credit to be?
The amount varies depending on the resident’s building and room type. It will be prorated to credit residents for April and May charges.

Housing’s proration is based on a six-week credit for April and May and calculated from the date in which KU announced on-line classes for the remainder of the spring semester due to COVID-19. Housing prorated the credit to cover its facilitation of move out, as well as cleaning, staffing, and overhead charges that were incurred through March.  

Why is it a “credit,” not a refund?
We refer to it as a credit because it is applied to a resident’s Student Account first, and any outstanding amount due is subtracted before a refund payment is issued.

Can the credit be applied to next year’s housing?
No. Students cannot carry their credit into the next school year because of rules related to federal financial aid.

Is there any way to speed up processing of my refund?
It will take through April 9 for Housing to finalize every resident’s status. Once that verification is complete, Housing will update the COVID-19 Student Financial Relief page with the anticipated credit. Credits will be applied to student accounts the first week of May.

In order to receive their refunds as quickly as possible once sent to Student Accounts & Receivables, students should set up direct deposit. More information about direct deposit can be found here

How will my credit and refund be processed?
A COVID-19 Student Financial Relief page will be available through MyKU to provide residents their specific information regarding their eligibility for a housing credit, credit amount, and status of processing. This page will be updated throughout the next several weeks.

Your housing credit will post to your Student Account within a month. If your account has other charges, it will offset this amount. If there are no further charges, you should receive a refund either by direct deposit or a mailed check. For account questions, please contact Student Accounts & Receivables at stu.account@ku.edu

If you had Housing specific scholarship or award that covered your housing costs or are part of a 3rd party program that pays your housing fees directly, funds will return to the payee and not the student.

Contact KU Student Housing at housing@ku.edu


Who will be eligible for carry forward/rollover?
Students who purchased a Gold, Silver, or Bronze plan who are returning to KU for fall semester 2020 will have their 2019-20 unused balances rolled over. 425 Plans are already automatic rollover plans.

Students who have dining plans that were provided for them as part of their job or leadership position, including Housing undergraduate staff members, are not eligible to have unused balances rolled over.

How will rollover work?
Unused funds will be carried forward and applied to a basic declining balance plan for students whether or not they buy a 2020-21 KU Dining Plan. The balance will be available on the first day of fall residential dining plans in August.

Students who purchase a dining plan as part of their 2020-21 housing and dining contract will have their 2019-20 rollover balance added to the amount of the plan they purchase for 2020-21.

KU Dining declining balance plans may be used at any KU Dining location throughout campus, whether or not the student lives in KU Student Housing for 2020-2021. The declining dining plan will remain active as long as the student is a KU student. 

I'm returning to KU for 2020-2021 and want a dining refund instead of roll over. Is that possible? 
No. Students re-enrolling at KU for 2020-2021 will have their unused declining dollars rolled over and cannot request a refund. Because the declining dining dollars can be used at any KU Dining location, students will be able to use the funds as long as they are a student at KU and will not forfeit any unused dining money. 

What if I am leaving KU?
Students leaving KU either due to graduation or non-enrollment are eligible for a refund equal to the amount of their unused dining plan funds and will need to request their refund by June 30, 2020, to determine eligibility. Submit the form here.

What if I am a Scholarship Hall student and leaving KU?
Scholarship hall meal plans are paid to Housing, and not part of KU Dining plans that will be rolled over. Scholarship hall meal plan balances will be credited back to scholarship hall residents on a prorated basis, similar to the way the housing rate will be credited back to all residents.

Do I need to do anything to have my dining plan roll over to August?
A COVID-19 Student Financial Relief page will be available through MyKU portal to provide students information regarding their remaining 2019-20 dining declining balance amount. When students return to campus in August, this amount will be loaded on the KU ID and ready for use at any KU Dining venue.  

Since I’m not returning to KU in August, how will my refund be processed?
Deadline for notification of leaving KU is June 30, 2020. Your refund will post to your Student Account within a month. If your account has other charges, it will offset this amount. If there are no further charges, you should receive a refund either by direct deposit or a mailed check. For account questions, please contact Student Accounts & Receivable at stu.account@ku.edu

Contact KU Dining at union@ku.edu

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