Room Selection Schedule - SAMPLE from Fall 2021


Before selecting room space, residents must have applied for housing, paid the application fee, electronically signed a housing contract, and paid the enrollment deposit. Your room selection time and process depends on your student status and chosen community.

Residence Halls and Apartments

First priority for room selection is given to current residents in residence halls and apartments who are planning to return to their current space. Current residents who plan to move to a new room or hall next year are second.

New incoming residents in residence halls and apartments are organized into group numbers for room selection. Group numbers are assigned one business day after the resident submits their Housing contract.

Scholarship Halls

Residents who are selected for the scholarship hall community are assigned space and will be notified when that occurs.

Tutorial Videos

Select space through myKU Portal

  • You select your room through the KU portal, not the KU Student Housing website.

myKU portal login

  1. Select the myKU login.
  2. Log in with your KU online ID and password.
  3. Select "Services."
  4. Log in to housing.

Turn off pop-up blockers. You may use any browser; however, Safari users with disabled cookies will be unable to submit payment. Enable cookies or use a different browser.

Housing Application Opening Dates

Housing application opening dates
Category of ResidentStart TimeStart Date
Incoming residents November
Current residents who are returning January

Room Selection Schedules

The following room selection schedule is for current residents planning to return to residence halls or apartments.

Room selection schedule for returning residents in residence halls and apartments
 Start TimeStart DateEnd TimeEnd Date
Current residents with 2021–2022 contracts retain space.
Contract much be submitted by Sun, Feb 21.
10 AMMon, Feb 22, 20218 AMSun, Feb 28, 2021
Returning residents with 2021–2022 contracts select space.
Contract must be submitted by Sun, Feb 28.
8 AMMon, Mar 1, 2021 TBD

The room selection schedule for new incoming residents in residence halls and apartments is organized by group number.

Room selection schedule for new incoming residents
Group NumbersStart TimeStart Date
Honors Program Community, groups 10–183 PMWed, Apr 7, 2021
Honors Program Community, groups 19–274 PMWed, Apr 7, 2021
Engineering Learning Community, groups 10–153 PMThr, Apr 8, 2021
Engineering Learning Community, groups 16–213:30 PMThr, Apr 8, 2021
Engineering Learning Community, groups 22–274 PMThr, Apr 8, 2021
103 PMTue, Apr 13, 2021
113:30 PMTue, Apr 13, 2021
124 PMTue, Apr 13, 2021
133 PMWed, Apr 14, 2021
143:30 PMWed, Apr 14, 2021
154 PMWed, Apr 14, 2021
163 PMThr, Apr 15, 2021
173:30 PMThr, Apr 15, 2021
184 PMThr, Apr 15, 2021
193 PMTue, Apr 20, 2021
203:30 PMTue, Apr 20, 2021
214 PMTue, Apr 20, 2021
223 PMWed, Apr 21, 2021    
233:30 PMWed, Apr 21, 2021
244 PMWed, Apr 21, 2021
253 PMThr, Apr 22, 2021
263:30 PMThr, Apr 22, 2021
274 PMThr, Apr 22, 2021

If you are eligible to live in the Honors Community in Lewis, or the Engineering Learning Community in Self, you may select space in that hall before all other residents. However, if you want to select space in a different hall, do that when your group number's standard selection time is active.

How do I find my group number?

  • Go to the myKU portal.
  • Log in with your KU Online ID and password.
  • Select “Services” and click “Student Housing.”
  • Select “Sign into Housing.”
  • Select "Room Selection Group Number." Your group number is on that page.

Scholarship halls follow a different process from residence halls and apartments. Scholarship hall residents will be assigned a room.

Room assignment dates for scholarship hall residents
 Start TimeStart Date
Returning scholarship hall residents — room assignment starts10 AMMon, Mar 22, 2021
New scholarship hall residents — room assignment starts10 AMThr, Mar 25, 2021