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Information on Summer 2021 Housing is not yet available. This is last year's information to give you an idea of spaces and rates. There will likely be significant changes to these offerings for next summer.

2020 summer school housing available in one of three apartment complexes

KU Student Housing will be offering housing to KU students who remain in Lawrence during the 2020 summer semester. In a change from previous years, all KU students are eligible for summer housing, even if they are not enrolled in summer school classes.

Hall procedures will be different for summer due to COVID-19: Based on current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), new processes include:

  • No gathering of groups in floor lobbies and other common area spaces.
  • No guests will be permitted, as the Student Housing guest policy will be suspended during this time.
  • Recreational equipment such as pool or ping pong tables will not be allowed to be used.
  • Recreational spaces like fitness rooms, music rooms, and study rooms will not be available for use. 
  • Maintain a distance of six feet from others and limit interaction in spaces such as community bathrooms and laundry rooms. Residents will be expected to practice social distancing, which has been shown to slow a disease outbreak. This means reducing the number of times and places people gather in large numbers.

How to sign summer school contract
Admitted students use their KU online ID and password to enter the portal. If you have not set up your account visit the technology webpage.

Dates and rates for Stouffer Place, Jayhawker Towers or McCarthy Apartments

You will rank the available room options below according to your preferences when you sign the contract. The listed amounts are total charges for May 18 through July 27. However, if a student arrives at KU after the term has started, or chooses to move out before the term ends, charges will be prorated based on a daily rate. The prorated charge is calculated once the resident's check-out process is completed and key returned.

BILLING: At KU, eBills are created on or about the 21st of each month and are due on the 15th of the following month. Further information about can be found here or you may contact Student Housing accountant Matt Herrera, matt07@ku.edu, 785-864-7207.

DINING: The $425 Dining plan is optional. If a resident has existing dining dollars from the COVID-19 dining plan rollover, the resident may use the balance during the summer.


Hall Name (code in parenthesis is room type you select during contracting) and number of occupants Rate Dining
Jayhawker Towers B&C (JT 2p Apt) 2 occupants $1,715 $425 plan or no plan
Jayhawker Towers A&D renovated (JT 2p Apt renovated) 2 occupants $2,222.50 $425 plan or no plan
Jayhawker Towers B&C (JT 2p Small Liv Rm Apt) 2 occupants * $1,400 $425 plan or no plan
Jayhawker Towers B&C (JT 4p Apt) 2 occupants * $997.50 $425 plan or no plan
Jayhawker Towers A&D Renovated (JT 4p Apt renovated) 2 occupants* $1,295 $425 plan or no plan
McCarthy (MSM 2p Apt private bedroom) 2 occupants* $3,045 $425 plan or no plan
McCarthy (MSM 4p Apt private bedroom) 4 occupants* $2,800 $425 plan or no plan
Stouffer Place (STO 2p Apt private bed & bath) 2 occupants $3,045 $425 plan or no plan
Stouffer Place (STO 4p Apt private bed & bath) 4 occupants $2,800 $425 plan or no plan

*To pick this option, you must have a spring 2020 or fall 2020 assignment for this same room type.


Dining - optional, but strongly recommended

All summer residents, including apartment residents, may choose the $425 plan. If a resident has existing dining dollars rolled over from the COVID-19 plan in spring semester, they may use that balance this summer.

Visit kudining.com for information about KU Dining Services, including how to add cash to individual accounts. Your KUID Card will admit you to available dining centers.

How to sign summer school contract

Admitted students use their KU online ID and password to enter the myKU portal. If you have not set up your account visit the technology webpage. Turn off pop-up blockers.

  • Choose "myKU" from the uppermost blue navigation bar above or go to the myKU portal page.
  • Enter your KU online ID and password.
  • Select "Services."
  • Click green “Login to Housing” button.
  • Click “Submit a Housing Contract”


More than $200,000 in annual scholarships to returning residents
Academic success: More than 94 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen in student housing enroll for the next semester
5,100 residents choose student housing each year
Residence hall rates are almost $2,000 less per year than the national average for public schools
— College Board
$4 million alumni gift funded Krehbiel Scholarship Hall
Options include suites, private bedroom with shared bath, two-person rooms, scholarship halls, and apartments
Oswald and Self residence halls opened in 2015
One bill covers all costs: room, food, utilities, and wireless Internet
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities