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What are you looking for in a space?

Privacy? Affordability? Community? Location? Whatever your preferences are, Housing & Residence Life offers a wide range of room types to meet your needs.

Browse our offerings below to determine what works best for you. Check our rates page to see which spaces best fit within your budget.


(shared bathroom)

Traditional halls and rooms are defined as 1- or 2-person bedrooms, shared bathrooms, and shared hallways. This is your best option if affordability and community are your top priorities.

In the residence hall community, four of the nine halls offer traditional rooms. KU residence halls have about 300-500 students each. Many scholarship halls also have traditional rooms.

a student in a traditional 2-person room studying on her bed by a window


(in-unit bathrooms)

Semiprivate rooms are found in both residence and scholarship halls.

In residence halls, semiprivate includes 1- or 2-person bedrooms, plus in-unit bathrooms that you may share with another roommate.

In scholarship halls, semiprivate means shared bedrooms and shared bathrooms. Scholarship halls also have about 50 persons in each hall, unlike the residence halls with 300-500 students each.

two groups of students hanging out in a divided, semiprivate room

Residence halls with semiprivate rooms


(in-unit bathroom, living room)

Suites are located in both residence halls and scholarship halls. They are defined as 1- or 2-person bedrooms, plus an in-unit bathroom that you'll share with suitemates, plus a living room.

Stouffer Place offers a group of 4-person apartments for first-year students that are similar to a suite experience.

smiling students posing for a move-in day photo in their suite living room


(in-unit bathroom, living room, full kitchen)

Apartments offer the greatest degree of privacy, along with excellent convenience and location. They are a particularly attractive option for transfer and non-traditional students.

Apartments include 1- or 2-person bedrooms, living room, full kitchen, and bath. You can have a private bedroom and private bathroom in Stouffer Place Apartments. In the 2-person apartments of Jayhawker Towers and McCarthy, you can have a private bedroom and share a bath with one other person.

residents conversing in the living room of their apartment