a comfortable student room with desk, chair, bed, and drawers

Residence and Scholarship Halls

All residence and scholarship hall rooms and suites are furnished with a bed, bed rail, mattress, desk and chair, dresser, and closet for each resident. The head and foot of the beds serve as a built-in ladder. Window blinds are provided.

All mattresses in residence and scholarship halls are extra long twin (36" x 80") except Sellards. Sellards has standard twin size mattresses (36" x 75").

Buildings with suites (Downs, Ellsworth, Lewis, Oswald, Self, Templin) come furnished with living room furniture. 


Stouffer Place

All units in Stouffer Place are fully furnished, including living room furniture, a dishwasher, clothes washer, and clothes dryer.

2-bedroom apartments are furnished with a loveseat, accent chair, coffee table, end table, entertainment stand, and two bar stools.

4-bedroom apartments are furnished with a couch, two accent chairs, coffee table, two end tables, entertainment stand, and four bar stools.

Stouffer Place South: These apartments have private bedrooms and bathrooms. They have double beds which need full-size linens. These bedrooms also contain a dresser, desk, chair, and window blinds.

Stouffer Place North: In the freshman apartment community, four residents share bedrooms. Each two-person room includes a shared bath, shared closet, and shared bedroom with two lofted extra-long twin beds, two desks, two desk chairs, and two dressers. The remaining two residents have private bedrooms and bathrooms with a double bed, bath, closet, desk, desk chair, and dresser.

Jayhawker Towers

Most of the mattresses in Jayhawker Towers are extra-long twins (36” x 80”). The 2-person apartments in Towers A&D contain full-size beds (54” x 74”).

Bedroom furniture in Jayhawker Towers includes window blinds, closet, a bed, a desk and chair and dresser space for each resident. Living rooms in Jayhawker Towers are not furnished.

McCarthy Hall

Mattresses in McCarthy Hall are queen-sized (60” x 80”). Bedroom furniture includes window blinds, closet, a bed, a desk, desk chair, and drawer space for each resident. Living rooms in McCarthy Hall are not furnished.

Bed Configurations

Find the specifics for bed configurations in every hall on the individual hall pages. See this Bed Lofting worksheet to find the standard bed height (the height the bed will be at for move-in) and the different height options. On the first tab of the worksheet, bed height options are provided; on the second tab, standard bed heights are listed.

For reference: A Fully-lofted bed is 60" tall; a Mid-lofted bed is 32" tall; a Standard-lofted bed is 28" tall. Bunked beds are 32" tall each and stacked.

In general, all beds on campus are lofted or bunked. If you want to request bed lofting services, you can submit a service request with facility services once you have moved in. Please use masking tape to mark the bed that needs adjusting at the height you want. 


  • Bunked bed: Two single beds placed one above the other. Typically halls with bunked beds do not have enough space in the room to separate them.
  • Lofted bed: A bed raised, as on supports, high enough overhead to allow the use of the floor area below for various purposes, such as part of a living room.


  • Most Stouffer Place and McCarthy beds are not bunked or lofted. 
  • Lewis Hall and Templin Hall beds can be bunked or un-bunked, but not lofted. Unbunked beds - only in Lewis or Templin - could accommodate bed risers of no more than five inches.
  • Scholarship hall beds, except Miller and Watkins, can be bunked or un-bunked, but not lofted.