Room Selection

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During the month of April, students have the opportunity to pick their room in the myKU portal. Your exact selection date depends on which student category you belong to. To participate in room selection, contract with Housing and pay your enrollment deposit by April 1.

After room selection ends, students can still contract with Housing and will be assigned a room based on availability.

Key Dates

Feb. 20–
May 8
New Room Selection for Returning Residents
Returning Residents who wish to select a different room than their current space may do so during this period.
March 7–30Form Roommate Pairs (Optional)
This is your opportunity to form a roommate pair. You must have paid your enrollment deposit first.
April 1

Deadline for Enrollment Deposit
Last day to pay your enrollment deposit in order to participate in room selection.

Special Community Living Sign Up Deadline (Optional)
If you wish to live in a special community (Honors, Engineering, ROTCGender Inclusive), submit your Special Community Preference Application by this date.

Medical Accommodation Deadline (Optional)
If you require medical accommodations, complete your accommodation request with the Student Access Center by this date to ensure your needs are met.

April 5Room Selection Times Announced
Students who paid their enrollment deposit by April 1 will be notified of their room selection time.
April 11–13Special Community & Medical Accommodation Room Selection
April 18–20Priority Room Selection
Early action students who signed their housing contract before Dec. 1 and paid their enrollment deposit by April 1 select rooms on these dates.
April 25–27General Room Selection

myKU portal login

  1. Visit the myKU login page.
  2. Log in with your KU online ID and password.
  3. Select "Services."
  4. Log in to housing.

Turn off pop-up blockers. You may use any browser; however, Safari users with disabled cookies will be unable to submit payment. Enable cookies or use a different browser.

Scholarship Halls

  • Schol Hall residents do not participate in room selection. Rooms are assigned by the students in a process determined by each hall.

  • New incoming residents who are selected for the schol hall community will be notified of their room assignments on April 7.

smiling, laughing roommates hanging out in their room at their desks

Roommate Pairing

You do not have to choose a roommate. You can simply choose your space and another Jayhawk will choose the remaining space. However, if you would like to pick your roommate, here are the steps you need to follow.

Pick One Roommate

If you choose, you may pair with one predetermined roommate in your myKU portal from March 7–30.

You will need to gather your roommate's information before you begin room selection in April. Visit the room selection preparation checklist page to learn what information you will need.

Roommate Questionnaire

You have the opportunity to complete a roommate matching questionnaire in your myKU portal prior to room selection.

Based on feedback from students, this questionnaire helps you find potential roommate matches based on your preferences. Utilize the bio area to further indicate information about yourself, lifestyle, and building/community preferences. The roommate report will compare your answers with other student’s surveys. You will see a potential roommate's cell phone number and may use that to call or text each other.

Roommate Matching Questionnaire Notes

  • KU Student Housing does not place students in spaces based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information.

  • Student Housing does not use questionnaire information when administratively assigning students after self-assigned room selection is no longer available.

Room Selection FAQ

  1. Log in to the myKU portal with your KU online ID and password.
  2. Select “Services” and select “Student Housing.”
  3. Select “Sign into Housing.”
  4. Select "Room selection group number." Your group number is on that page.

Group numbers are assigned starting April 5.

Don't panic. Student Housing reserves some spaces during room selection to accommodate various university programs and students with special needs. We also receive cancellations throughout the assignment cycle. From the time you select your room through May 2, you can return to room selection to find available spaces and reassign yourself.

Beginning May 2, students are able to submit a room change request through the myKU portal to be assigned to the requested space if available.

After you've selected your space for next year:

Log into the myKU portal to find available space and reassign yourself. You can only complete this process for yourself, not for a roommate.

Beginning May 2, students are able to submit a room change request through the myKU portal to be assigned to the requested space if available.

After move-in:

Learn how to request a room change after move in.