Room Selection

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Room Selection Update

Check this page throughout the room selection process for the latest information on available spaces.


In the spring, students have the opportunity to select their hall, room, and bedspace for the upcoming academic year in their myKU portal.

Your exact selection date depends on which student category you belong to. To participate in room selection, contract with Housing and pay your enrollment deposit by May 1.

Keep in mind that spaces are limited. It is important to have a few options in mind in case your first pick is not available at your room selection time. If your first preference is not available, pick your next best option. Then, you can put your name on a waiting list in your myKU portal in case your first preference becomes available.

Scholarship Halls

Schol Hall residents do not participate in room selection. Rooms are assigned by the students in a process determined by each hall. New incoming residents who are selected for the schol hall community will be notified of their room assignments in June.

myKU portal login

  1. Visit the myKU login page.
  2. Log in with your KU online ID and password.
  3. Select "Services."
  4. Log in to housing.

Turn off pop-up blockers. You may use any browser; however, Safari users with disabled cookies will be unable to submit payment. Enable cookies or use a different browser.

Room Selection Schedule, 2024-2025 Academic Year

Special Interest Community Start DateStart Time
ROTC groups 10-29Wednesday, June 53:00 p.m.
ROTC groups 30-47Wednesday, June 53:30 p.m.
ROTC groups 48-70Wednesday, June 54:00 p.m.
Gender Inclusive Assignments 10-29Wednesday, June 53:00 p.m.
Gender Inclusive Assignments 30-47Wednesday, June 53:30 p.m.
Gender Inclusive Assignments 48-70Wednesday, June 54:00 p.m.
Rainbow Community groups 10-29Wednesday, June 53:00 p.m.
Rainbow Community groups 30-47Wednesday, June 53:30 p.m.
Rainbow Community groups 48-70Wednesday, June 54:00 p.m.
Engineering groups 10-29Thursday, June 63:00 p.m.
Engineering groups 30-47Thursday, June 63:30 p.m.
Engineering groups 48-70Thursday, June 64:00 p.m.
Honors groups 10-29Thursday, June 63:00 p.m.
Honors groups 30-47Thursday, June 63:30 p.m.
Honors groups 48-70Thursday, June 64:00 p.m.


Group NumberStart DateStart Time
10Tuesday, June 111:00 p.m.
11Tuesday, June 111:30 p.m.
12Tuesday, June 112:00 p.m.
13Tuesday, June 112:30 p.m.
14Tuesday, June 113:00 p.m.
15Tuesday, June 113:30 p.m.
16Tuesday, June 114:00 p.m.
17Tuesday, June 114:30 p.m.
18Wednesday, June 121:00 p.m.
19Wednesday, June 121:30 p.m.
20Wednesday, June 122:00 p.m.
21Wednesday, June 122:30 p.m.
22Wednesday, June 123:00 p.m.
23Wednesday, June 123:30 p.m.
24Wednesday, June 124:00 p.m.
25Wednesday, June 124:30 p.m.
26Thursday, June 131:00 p.m.
27Thursday, June 131:30 p.m.
28Thursday, June 132:00 p.m.
29Thursday, June 132:30 p.m.
30Thursday, June 133:00 p.m.
31Thursday, June 133:30 p.m.
32Thursday, June 134:00 p.m.
33Thursday, June 134:30 p.m.
34Monday, June 171:00 p.m.
35Monday, June 171:30 p.m.
36Monday, June 172:00 p.m.
37Monday, June 172:30 p.m.
38Monday, June 173:00 p.m.
Group NumberStart DateStart Time
39Monday, June 173:30 p.m.
40Monday, June 174:00 p.m.
41Monday, June 174:30 p.m.
42Tuesday, June 181:00 p.m.
43Tuesday, June 181:30 p.m.
44Tuesday, June 182:00 p.m.
45Tuesday, June 182:30 p.m.
46Tuesday, June 183:00 p.m.
47Tuesday, June 183:30 p.m.
48Tuesday, June 184:00 p.m.
49Tuesday, June 184:30 p.m.
50Thursday, June 201:00 p.m.
51Thursday, June 201:30 p.m.
52Thursday, June 202:00 p.m.
53Thursday, June 202:30 p.m.
54Thursday, June 203:00 p.m.
55Thursday, June 203:30 p.m.
56Thursday, June 204:00 p.m.
57Thursday, June 204:30 p.m.
58Friday, June 2110:30 a.m.
59Friday, June 2111:00 a.m.
60Friday, June 2111:30 a.m.
61Friday, June 2112:00 p.m.
62Friday, June 2112:30 p.m.
63Friday, June 211:00 p.m.
64Friday, June 211:30 p.m.
65Friday, June 212:00 p.m.
66Friday, June 212:30 p.m.
67Friday, June 213:00 p.m.
68Friday, June 213:30 p.m.
69Friday, June 214:00 p.m.
70Friday, June 214:30 p.m.

Room Selection closes for ALL groups on Monday, June 24, 2024 at 8:00am. 

a student reading in a hammock in their room

Pick Your Room

From private rooms to 4-person suites, you’re sure to find an on-campus option that’s right for you! Spaces fill up quickly, so it's important to have a few halls in mind when you select your room.

Learn more about room types
Image of two roommates laughing in their room.

Roommate Information

You do not have to choose a roommate. You can simply choose your space and another Jayhawk will choose the remaining space. However, if you would like to pick your roommate, here are the steps you need to follow.

If you know who you'd like your roommate to be, follow these steps.

  1. Students will be able to create a roommate pair in their housing portal through Tuesday, June 4th. Residents will only be able to select a space with ONE additional person. 
  2. Make sure you and your potential roommate both contracted with Housing & Residence Life and paid or deferred your enrollment deposit before May 1. 

The optional roommate questionnaire is now closed. 

This questionnaire helps you find potential roommate matches based on your preferences. Utilize the bio area to further indicate information about yourself, lifestyle, and building/community preferences. The roommate report will compare your answers with other students' surveys. You will see a potential roommate's cell phone number and may use that to call or text each other.

You can find the roommate matching questions below, including a description of the question, and what would be indicative of a “yes” or “no” answer.

I plan to live in a special interest community and would like a roommate who wants to live in the same special interest community. The special interest communities are Gender Inclusive Housing, ROTC, Engineering, and Honors. (Indicate in your bio which learning community you plan to live in).

This question serves the purpose of helping a student find a roommate in the same special interest community. For students interested in Gender Inclusive Housing who may not feel comfortable indicating this interest in the roommate matching portal, additional opportunities to connect with potential roommates will be shared with you by email. 

Yes – I’m planning to live in a special interest community, have completed the special interest community form in the myKU portal, and am looking for a roommate who is living in the same special interest community. 

No – I’m not living in a special interest community

I am an upper-class student returning to KU or a transfer student seeking an upper-class roommate.

This question asks about the importance of your roommates’ year in school.

Yes – You are an upper-class student and are seeing an upper-class roommate.

No – You are an upper-class student or an incoming first-year student and are not interested in living with an upper-class student.

I would be a good roommate to a person who identifies as trans and non-binary, including an individual with varying gender identity, sex identity, or gender expression.

The University of Kansas and Housing & Residence Life are committed to creating and supporting representative, equitable and inclusive communities for all students, including all gender identities. For some students, gender identity does not align with biological or birth-assigned sex. Roommate, room selection and assignments processes are based on sex, with female students assigned with female students and male students assigned with male students. The purpose of this question is to help students who may identify differently to search and request potential roommates who are open to, accepting of, and comfortable living with gender-diverse roommates.

Yes – I would feel comfortable and willing to live with a trans or non-binary person. 

No – I would not feel comfortable.

I feel comfortable living with a roommate who chooses to drink alcohol and/or congregate socially around others consuming alcohol.

Students have many social choices when they come to campus. Although it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol, many minors choose to do so. KU encourages healthy decision making and drinking responsibly. We want students to answer this question honestly as we are aware that alcohol use may impact roommate dynamics.  

Yes – I would feel comfortable living with a roommate who chooses to drink alcohol and or/congregate socially around others consuming alcohol.

No – I would not feel comfortable living with a roommate who chooses to drink alcohol and or/congregate socially around others consuming alcohol.

I would be comfortable living with someone who is of a different race than me.

The University of Kansas welcomes students from various identities and backgrounds. Housing & Residence Lifestrives to promote inclusive communities and spaces where students are able to live authentically and have mutual respect for people of diverse gender, race, and ethnicity.

Yes – I would feel comfortable living with a roommate who is of a different race than me. If this is important to you, include this information in your Bio. 

No – I don’t feel like I would be comfortable living with someone who is of a different race than me.

Include information that would help potential roommates learn more about you. This could include:  

  1. Special Interest Community
  2. Buildings you would like to live in
  3. Major
  4. Year in school
  5. Pronouns, if safe
  6. Hobbies and interests or what you hope to be involved in as a student 
  7. Cleanliness habits
  8. Routine habits, such as waking up early, staying up late, etc. 
  9. Studying habits, such as limited noise/distractions, music playing, etc. 
  10. Temperature you prefer in spaces
  11. In state, out of state, or not from the United States
  12. Bringing an approved emotional support or service animal
  13. Ways you manage and work through conflict (passive, direct)
  14. Whether or not you are a smoker

Roommate Questionnaire Notes

  • Housing & Residence Life does not place students in spaces based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information.

  • Housing & Residence Life does not use questionnaire information when administratively assigning students after self-assigned room selection is no longer available.

Once you've picked your roommate, follow the steps above to form a roommate pair.

Remember, you don't have to choose your roommate.

During room selection, you can simply choose your space and another Jayhawk will choose the remaining space.

Room Selection FAQ

  1. Log in to the myKU portal with your KU online ID and password.
  2. Select “Services” and select “Student Housing.”
  3. Select “Sign into Housing.”
  4. Select "Room selection group number." Your group number is on that page.

Group numbers are assigned starting May 17.

Don't panic. Check out the available spaces and see if you can find something that's a good fit for you. If you don't find something you like, you can put your name on a waiting list through your myKU portal. 

No. Once you select a room you are assigned to that space. However, you can put your name on the Waitlist to be considered for another building.