Room Selection

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Room Selection Update

We are getting late in the Housing selection cycle and spaces are filling up quickly. Roommate groups of four with a later selection time might not be able to find a room together. Please consider other options, such as breaking your group into two groups of two to improve your chances of living with a friend.

Room Selection Schedule

New incoming residents in residence halls and apartments are organized into group numbers for room selection. Group numbers will be emailed beginning April 5. 

Special Interest CommunitiesDate

Time (Central Time Zone)

ROTC 10-19Tuesday, April 113:00 p.m.
ROTC 20-29Tuesday, April 113:30 p.m.
ROTC 30-49Tuesday, April 114:00 p.m.
Gender Inclusive Assignments 10-19Tuesday, April 113:00 p.m.
Gender Inclusive Assignments 20-29Tuesday, April 113:30 p.m.
Gender Inclusive Assignments 30-49Tuesday, April 114:00 p.m.
Rainbow Community 10-19Tuesday, April 113:00 p.m.
Rainbow Community 20-29Tuesday, April 113:30 p.m.
Rainbow Community 30-49Tuesday, April 114:00 p.m.
Engineering 10-19Wednesday, April 123:00 p.m.
Engineering 20-29Wednesday, April 123:30 p.m.
Engineering 30-49Wednesday, April 124:00 p.m.
Honors 10-19Thursday, April 133:00 p.m.
Honors 20-29Thursday, April 133:30 p.m.
Honors 30-49Thursday, April 134:00 p.m.
Group NumbersDateTime
10Monday, April 173:00 p.m.
11Monday, April 173:30 p.m.
12Monday, April 174:00 p.m.
13Monday, April 174:30 p.m.
14Monday, April 175:00 p.m.
15Tuesday, April 183:00 p.m.
16Tuesday, April 183:30 p.m.
17Tuesday, April 184:00 p.m.
18Tuesday, April 184:30 p.m.
19Tuesday, April 185:00 p.m.
20Wednesday, April 193:00 p.m.
21Wednesday, April 193:30 p.m.
22Wednesday, April 194:00 p.m.
23Wednesday, April 194:30 p.m.
24Wednesday, April 195:00 p.m.
25Thursday, April 203:00 p.m.
26Thursday, April 203:30 p.m.
27Thursday, April 204:00 p.m.
28Thursday, April 204:30 p.m.
29Thursday, April 205:00 p.m.
30Monday, April 243:00 p.m.
31Monday, April 243:30 p.m.
32Monday, April 244:00 p.m.
33Monday, April 244:30 p.m.
34Monday, April 245:00 p.m.
35Tuesday, April 253:00 p.m.
36Tuesday, April 253:30 p.m.
37Tuesday, April 254:00 p.m.
38Tuesday, April 254:30 p.m.
39Tuesday, April 255:00 p.m.
40Wednesday, April 263:00 p.m.
41Wednesday, April 263:30 p.m.
42Wednesday, April 264:00 p.m.
43Wednesday, April 264:30 p.m.
44Wednesday, April 265:00 p.m.
45Thursday, April 273:00 p.m.
46Thursday, April 273:30 p.m.
47Thursday, April 274:00 p.m.
48Thursday, April 274:30 p.m.
49Thursday, April 275:00 p.m.
50Friday, April 283:00 p.m.
51Friday, April 283:30 p.m.



In the spring, students have the opportunity to select their hall, room, and bedspace for the upcoming academic year in their myKU portal.

Your exact selection date depends on which student category you belong to. To participate in room selection, contract with Housing and pay your enrollment deposit by April 1.

Keep in mind that spaces are limited. It is important to have a few options in mind in case your first pick is not available at your room selection time. If your first preference is not available, pick your next best option. Then, you can put your name on a waiting list in your myKU portal in case your first preference becomes available.

If you are an incoming freshman who has contracted with KU Student Housing by May 1, we can assure that we will have housing for you.

After room selection ends, students can still contract with Housing and will be assigned a room based on availability.


Required Viewing
Potluck Room Selection (video) OR
Room Selection with Roommate(s) (video)

Additional Tutorial
Pulling in a Roommate Later (video)


myKU portal login

  1. Visit the myKU login page.
  2. Log in with your KU online ID and password.
  3. Select "Services."
  4. Log in to housing.

Turn off pop-up blockers. You may use any browser; however, Safari users with disabled cookies will be unable to submit payment. Enable cookies or use a different browser.

Scholarship Halls

  • Schol Hall residents do not participate in room selection. Rooms are assigned by the students in a process determined by each hall.

  • New incoming residents who are selected for the schol hall community will be notified of their room assignments on April 7.

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Pick Your Room

From private rooms to 4-person suites, you’re sure to find an on-campus option that’s right for you! Spaces fill up quickly, so it's important to have a few halls in mind when you select your room.

Learn more about room types

Room Selection FAQ

  1. Log in to the myKU portal with your KU online ID and password.
  2. Select “Services” and select “Student Housing.”
  3. Select “Sign into Housing.”
  4. Select "Room selection group number." Your group number is on that page.

Group numbers are assigned starting April 5.

Don't panic. Check out the available spaces and see if you can find something that's a good fit for you. If you don't find something you like, you can put your name on a waiting list through your myKU portal. 

No. Once you select a room you are assigned to that space. However, you can put your name on the Waitlist to be considered for another building.