cars unloading on move-in day

Move In 2022

Move-In Date


Move-In Pages

a line of volunteers helping carry boxes and push carts on move-in day

How does move-in day work?

Specific instructions for each hall's move-in day. Find out everything you need to know including maps, parking information, arrival times, and more.
a pair of smiling students helping carry boxes on move-in day

What should I bring?

Here's a suggested packing list to help you consider which items you'll need to bring with you to KU and a list of items that are prohibited.
a comfortable student room with desk, chair, bed, and drawers

What about furniture?

All Student Housing rooms come furnished with the basics, such as a bed, desk, chair, and dresser. Learn more about the specifics of your room, including mattress size and whether beds are lofted or bunked.
a student speaking with the front desk assistant in their hall

How do I mail packages?

Mail and packages can be sent to residents throughout the school year. Find out details about addressing mail and sending packages.

*Your move-in date depends on your hall. Residents who have gone through the process to be approved for early move in, may arrive earlier. Find your specific move-in date and time in the instructions. 

Join JaySquad

KU Student Housing welcomes residents who want to move in early, then volunteer to help other Jayhawks during move-in day.