Move In August 2020

Move-in for 2020 will be significantly different than in past years. An overview of the August 2020 opening is available here

A couple of things to keep in mind as you consider move-in:

  • If you are moving in early and are with a group (for instance, KU band, or ROTC) you will receive information from the program. Decisions about how to request an early move in by an individual are not established yet.
  • Housing has a limited number of hand carts available for move in, but it may be helpful to bring your own cart or collapsible wagon if you have one.
  • Before you arrive, check whether household insurance covers your belongings. Student Housing insurance cov­ers buildings only. Several companies offer policies specifically for students in on-campus housing.

We recommend you continue to look back at this page for announcement of changes. Students should also be sure to monitor their KU email accounts, as announcements will be sent directly to them. 

Frequently Asked Questions for start of fall 2020 semester.

Last updated July 10, 2020.
When will the halls open and how will I move in?

In order to provide necessary physical distancing, move-in will occur over a longer period of time than in previous years. Move-in appointments will be required. During the week of July 6, each resident received an email with a sign-up link to reserve a move-in day and time for your arrival to campus.

To help reduce the amount of residents moving in at the same time in some of our larger buildings, we will offer an early staging period for residents who are within a reasonable distance (about a one- or two-hour drive) to Lawrence. The move-in scheduling link will offer you a staging appointment between Aug. 7-15. You may unpack during your appointment and leave your belongings in your locked room. You will then return to Lawrence for the fall semester after 5 p.m. Aug. 21.

If you are unable to travel to Lawrence in early August to set-up and stage your room, you will select from available move-in times just before fall classes start. You will arrive in Lawrence for move-in and stay for the fall semester. Full move-in details are still being finalized,

How do I schedule or change my staging and move-in appointment?

The process to schedule – or change – the staging and move-in appointment is similar.

  • Use your KU online ID and password to enter the myKU portal. Turn off pop-up blockers.
  • Select "Services."
  • Click “Login to Housing” button.
  • Click “Schedule or Change Move-In Time” and follow the instructions to either schedule time, or change a time you’ve previously selected.
How do I get my KU ID so I can gain entry to my hall when I arrive?

You must first submit your photo online for your ID no later than August 3. Your ID will be at the front desk of your building when you check in. You will still need to show a photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, or other photo identification) to receive your room key and KU ID.

Will I return to my hall after Thanksgiving break?

Due to changes in the KU academic calendar, most students will be required to leave Student Housing facilities just prior to Thanksgiving when all buildings shift to limited operations and the semester concludes through on-line instruction. Only students with extenuating circumstances will be allowed to stay in Housing facilities during and after Thanksgiving. A registration process to stay after Thanksgiving will be established. Students who are returning for the spring 2021 semester will be permitted to leave their belongings in their rooms over the extended break period. For students who leave at Thanksgiving, a prorated credit for part of the fall semester housing charges will be provided. Plans are still being finalized for the fall housing credit.

Can we delay moving into KU Housing until the spring semester? If so, how would that work?

Yes. For a spring-only semester contract, cancel your 2020-2021 housing contract by July 15 (to avoid the cancellation fee). Then, when the “spring only” contract is available online – typically in November – sign an online contract for the spring semester. You will receive a different room assignment for spring based on space availability.

What if classes begin and then KU goes only online for classes?

Housing will remain available for those students who need to continue living on campus. For students who decide to move out, refunds will be given. Additional information is available in your housing contract terms under the “Cancellation by the University” clause.

What happens if KU decides to only offer online classes after the July 15 housing cancellation deadline?

If KU decides to only offer online classes between July 15 and the start of classes, Student Housing will review and adjust the $750 contract forfeiture. The amount of adjustment remains to be determined.

What happens if a student’s class schedule has only online classes, but KU is still holding in-person classes? Can a student cancel their housing contract after July 15?

If a student is only taking on-line classes only and chooses not to live on campus, they can appeal for a contract cancellation.

Can I still stay on-campus if classes go online prior to check-in?

It will depend. KU Student Housing is committed to having housing available to any KU student who needs to live on campus to complete their coursework, but will also need to limit our operations based on university guidance. Certain academic programs and students who meet certain criteria will be allowed to stay in KU Student Housing. However, the majority of students will need to return home if it safe for them to do so.

What if my belongings are moved in but classes go on-line and I want to cancel my contract?

Contact KU Student Housing (785-864-4560) or to arrange a move-out appointment.

What changes are occurring to help reduce the possible spread of COVID-19?

To reduce the possible spread of COVID-19, KU Student Housing will implement the following policies and protocols:

  • Face coverings or masks will be required in Student Housing facilities when outside the individual’s room, suite or apartment. This expectation is for all students, staff, and guests.
  • We will increase the cleaning and disinfection frequency of common “high touch” areas, including elevator buttons, exterior door handles, and community restrooms throughout each day.
  • We will place signage in public areas, including elevators and floor lounges, limiting occupancy to a specific standard.
  • Shared community spaces such as laundry rooms and floor lobbies will be furnished with cleaning supplies and instructions for students to disinfect the space or equipment before and after every use.
  • We reserve the right to amend guest visitation policies to restrict (or prohibit) non-residents from entering KU Student Housing facilities.
Will I be required to wear a face mask in my hall?

Yes. Face coverings or masks will be required in Student Housing facilities when outside the individual’s room/suite/apartment. This expectation is for all students, staff, and guests.

How will Housing staff enforce the face covering and cleaning rules?

Students who fail to wear a face covering or follow other public health directives will be asked to comply, and then may be held accountable in the student conduct process—which can included removal from housing.

Are guests or visitors allowed?

No—not at the start of the academic year due to concerns with COVID-19. After move-in and through at least Sept. 8, no guests or visitors are allowed inside any KU Student Housing building. This includes parents, siblings and guardians. Only residents assigned to a specific building will be allowed in that building. This is to protect the on-campus housing community as the fall semester begins.

Will Student Housing provide cleaning supplies?

Students will be responsible for bringing personal cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and other disinfectant products for use within their room. Additionally, we will increase the cleaning and disinfection frequency of common “high touch” areas, including elevator buttons, exterior door handles, and community restrooms throughout each day. Shared community spaces such as laundry rooms and floor lobbies will be furnished with cleaning supplies and instructions for students to disinfect the space or equipment before and after every use.

What happens if I, or someone with whom I am in close contact, contracts COVID-19?

A limited number of rooms are being set aside in KU Student Housing in order to provide quarantine and isolation space to residents who are being tested for or are already confirmed positive for COVID-19. The use of appropriate physical separation will be as directed by Watkins Health Services or other health authorities in Douglas County. We highly recommend students stay on campus during the academic year to help reduce the possibility of coming in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

How does a student quarantine for those who don’t currently have symptoms but were exposed through close contact to someone with COVID-19?

Quarantine, for those who have no symptoms but were exposed, will likely occur in a student’s room. Alternative arrangements will be made for students whose residence has a community bath and based on guidance from health officials. A quarantined resident will typically need to stay in their room for 14 days, while monitoring their symptoms. Symptoms may appear between 2-14 days after exposure. Students may leave the room for essential operations (i.e., meals, laundry) but they must wear a mask at all times and maintain a six-foot distance from others.

How will a current resident self-isolate when they’ve tested positive or are ill from COVID-19?

Self-isolation location will be determined by KU Student Housing in consultation with KU’s Watkins Health Services or other Douglas County health authorities. KU Student Housing will have isolation space for residents. For residents relocated for self-isolation, they may leave belongings in their room, but will need to pack enough personal items for a 14-day stay. Students will receive instruction about the process from KU Student Housing professional staff or a student may choose to isolate at their permanent address if they are able to safely travel there. KU Student Housing and KU Dining have an agreement that allows residents to order food from your dining plan for delivery. If you do not have a dining plan and need to isolate due to COVID-19, information about meals will be shared with you.

Will students in quarantine be monitored?

Students will self-monitor. If they are symptomatic, students should call Watkins Health Services at 785-864-9500 for instructions on COVID-19 testing, mitigating symptoms, and other health protocols. Health care expenses and any communication regarding the students’ condition will be handled by Watkins Health Services, not with KU Student Housing.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, will others on the floor need to quarantine?

Possibly. Guidance about whether a student is considered a “close contact” to a person who has tested positive will be determined by KU’s Watkins Health Services or other Douglas County health authorities. No additional measures would be required of the other students on the floor if they were not considered a close contact, other than continuing to follow expectations regarding wearing a face covering, washing hands frequently, monitoring their health for COVID-related symptoms, and practicing physical distancing when outside their room.

What does my student do if the roommate tests positive?

Consult with Watkins Health Services, 785-864-9500. If the student believes they are experiencing symptoms, Watkins can issue instructions on health protocols such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer, and cleaning surfaces.

What about dining services on campus?
To help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and to protect the safety, health, and well-being of our community, KU Dining Services is making important adjustments to on-campus dining for 2020-21. Click here for details.
What about the changes to scholarship hall dining?
Please know we did not arrive quickly at the scholarship hall dining decisions we announced on June 25. We consulted with public health officials and KU leadership to work through solutions for the safest return to campus—especially the unique challenge of the scholarship hall community and its cooperative living environment. The spread of COVID-19 both in Kansas and around the United States continues, and we made the difficult announcement of changes to our schol hall experience so that residents knew what this fall semester will be like when they return to campus. On July 7, members of KU Student Housing leadership met with members of the All Scholarship Hall Council Executive Board, as well as incoming presidents of each hall, in order to address questions about the coming school year and further develop plans to address how the announced changes will impact the community. We know there are many questions, and we will work with student leaders to create community expectations for the shared living spaces—including the kitchen spaces and dining areas—in the schol hall facilities.
I live in a scholarship hall. Can I add additional money for a larger dining plan since I’ll be eating in a KU Dining venue this fall?

Yes. We are currently finalizing a process for scholarship hall students to pay for additional dining dollars on their KU ID card. Dining plans and rates are available here.

If I have requested a roommate, may I keep my preferred roommate?

Yes. Students will still have the choice to live with their selected roommates or suitemates. Roommates will be treated as a single household and, for this reason, will not be required to wear a mask inside their room or suite. Student room assignments may change to other floors or buildings to reduce the number of residents using community restrooms.

Are single rooms available?

Yes. Although most single occupancy rooms are full, a limited number have been reserved by KU Student Housing. Priority for those spaces will go residents who require a single room because of documented medical need that has been approved by University Academic Support Centers. Because of building configurations, singles are not available in every community.

What if I have a chronic health condition?

If you need assistance with a special medical need, please establish a file with the University Academic Support Center, Student Access Services. You will need to include a description of the housing accommodation plus documentation of your need. Contact information: University Academic Support Center, 22 Strong Hall, 1450 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, Kansas 66045. Phone: 785-864-4064. Fax: 785-864-2817.

More than $200,000 in annual scholarships to returning residents
Academic success: More than 94 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen in student housing enroll for the next semester
5,100 residents choose student housing each year
Residence hall rates are almost $2,000 less per year than the national average for public schools
— College Board
$4 million alumni gift funded Krehbiel Scholarship Hall
Options include suites, private bedroom with shared bath, two-person rooms, scholarship halls, and apartments
Oswald and Self residence halls opened in 2015
One bill covers all costs: room, food, utilities, and wireless Internet
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities