Furniture Rental

KU Student Housing has contracted with Triad Leasing to provide furniture rental options for residents in Jayhawker Towers and McCarthy Hall, and Sunflower Duplexes. Jayhawker Towers, McCarthy Hall, and Sunflower apartments provide beds, dressers, desks, and desk chairs; Sunflower also provides a closet/wardrobe for each resident. Stouffer Place Apartments are fully furnished. Furniture rental options for on-campus residents are in effect for the full term of the student housing contract. Furniture rental charges (details and online submission are below) are added to the resident’s university bill.

Furniture rental charges include delivery and pick-up and are subject to the policies detailed below. Questions regarding style, size, and availability should be directed to Triad Leasing, 2204 Haskell Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66046. Phone 785-842-8505.

Contact Student Housing directly with questions regarding ordering, costs, and billing. Furniture delivery based on agreements submitted less than 45 days before move-in may be delayed or subject to local availability.

Furniture Rental Options, Charges, and Availability.

Furniture rental options
OptionFurniture includesMonthly charge*Available at
BedroomQueen-size mattress, box springs, and frame$36.00Jayhawker Towers (2-person apartments only), McCarthy Hall, Sunflower Apartments
Level 1 Living RoomSofa and upholstered chair, coffee table, two end tables, two lamps, dining table with two dining chairs$79.00Jayhawker Towers Buildings B and C, Sunflower Apartments
Level 2 Living RoomSame furniture items as Level 1 with higher quality fabrics, construction, and finishes$95.00Jayhawker Towers Buildings B and C, Sunflower Apartments
Kitchen Island & Living RoomSofa and upholstered chair, coffee table, two end tables, two lamps, two counter stools$85.00Jayhawker Towers Buildings A and D, and McCarthy Hall

*Delivery and pick-up are included at no additional charge.

Cancellation/Early Termination Policy

Cancellation of furniture rental agreements must be communicated directly to Student Housing and Triad Leasing. Cancellations received at least 24 hours before scheduled delivery will receive a full refund of payments made. Residents who cancel delivery less than 24 hours before scheduled delivery or who refuse delivery will be billed for one month’s furniture rental charges. Residents who cancel a furniture agreement after delivery, but prior to the end of the housing contract term, will be billed for the first monthly charge, appropriate monthly charges until cancellation, and one additional monthly charge as a cancellation fee.

End of Agreement Termination/Return

Residents will indicate their intention to return rental furniture on their Intent To Vacate form. To facilitate pick-up, Student Housing will share departure information with Triad Leasing. Residents are advised to contact Triad Leasing directly with questions about returns.

Internal Moves – Location & Liability

Residents must contact Triad Leasing before they change apartments. Residents agree to keep rental furniture in their possession and agree not to move furniture from their assigned space without prior approval from Triad Leasing. Once furniture has been placed, one internal move will be allowed at no charge. Subsequent moves will be billed at the equivalent of one additional month’s furniture rental charge. Residents are liable for damage in excess of normal wear and tear and for loss or destruction of furniture by any cause, including but not limited to theft and vandalism.


In order to be eligible, you must accept Cancellation/Early Termination Policy, End of Agreement Termination/Return policy and Internal Moves - Location & Liability policy. 

If you have any questions, please email Student Housing.

To place an order, contact Shaun Rush.