Special Interest Communities

Engineering Learning Community (ELC)

Located in Self Hall, this voluntary program brings together freshmen engineering and computing students for social and enrichment opportunities. This community has a limited number of spaces and is only for students accepted to the School of Engineering. For more information, see the ELC website.

two engineering students studying together

Honors Program Community

Members of the KU Honors Program may enjoy living with other students who emphasize academic achievement. Templin Hall is across from the Nunemaker Center, home to the KU Honors Program, and nearby the Daisy Hill Commons, which contains classroom and study spaces.

The Nunemaker Center, home of the KU Honors Program

ROTC Living Community

Members of the Army, Naval, and Air Force ROTC Programs may enjoy living with other students who endeavor to become leaders in the US Armed Forces. The ROTC community is located in Downs Hall which provides a variety of room options and is in close proximity to morning physical training locations.

ROTC students unfurling a massive American flag over the football field in Memorial Stadium