Scholarship Hall Application

Scholarship Hall residents live, study, eat, and work together to build a family atmosphere and form bonds that last long after graduation. Be a part of this tradition-filled community. Any prospective or current undergraduate student may apply for the competitive selection process.
from the front porch of Miller Hall you can see the iconic Fraiser Hall

Submit a complete application.


To be eligible to apply for a scholarship hall, you must have applied and electronically signed a contract for housing, paid the $50 non-refundable housing application fee, and paid the KU enrollment deposit by May 1, 2024.

Students who do not have an active Housing & Residence Life contract for the term for which they are applying will not be able to submit a scholarship hall application.

Short Answer Essay

To submit your short answer essay:

  1. Visit the myKU login page.
  2. Log in with your KU online ID and password.
  3. Select "Services."
  4. Log in to housing.
  5. Select “Scholarship Hall Application”
  6. Answer the essay prompt: "Why do you want to live in the scholarship hall community?" There is a 250-word maximum limit.

GPA and Test Scores

Housing & Residence Life will review your GPA and test scores for academic achievement. You will have already submitted your scores as part of your application to KU Admissions. You do not need to re-send them to KU Student Housing.

Financial Aid

Housing & Residence Life will review your FAFSA to assess financial need. You will have already submitted your information as part of your student financial aid application. You do not need to re-send it to KU Student Housing.

Applicants can be considered without completing a FAFSA.


Apply for Student Housing


  • Scholarship Hall offers begin going out in March.

  • If you do not receive a scholarship hall offer for the fall, you may apply for the spring semester. There will be Scholarship Hall openings for the spring semester because students graduate, study abroad, or pursue other opportunities.

  • If students are not chosen for a spring semester opening, they remain on the list for consideration during spring semester; however, applications do not remain active for the next academic year.

  • For current residents interested in an immediate move, contact to check available space.