Welcome to Jayhawker Towers

an exterior view of Jayhawker Towers from under autumn tree leaves

About Jayhawker Towers

Nestled on the side of Daisy Hill, Jayhawker Towers are a popular choice for upperclassmen, transfer, and non-traditional students. They offer increased space, privacy, and independence while retaining the advantages of on-campus living such as location, staff, security, programs, and activities. The Towers are located directly across from the Schools of Engineering and Law, as well as the Burge Union and Allen Fieldhouse.

All Jayhawker Towers apartments comprise a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. Apartments are designated as 2-person (each resident has a private bedroom) or 4-person (2 residents share a bedroom). The Towers offer continuous occupancy and summer contracts are available.



  • Jayhawker Towers Apartments

  • 1603 West 15th St

  • Lawrence, Kansas 66044


Tower Names

Each of the four Towers is a separate building. They are labeled A, B, C or D, from west to east. See the following map image.

Jayhawker Towers Name Map

Building Availability

Apartments in Towers B and C are no longer available for residents as of fall 2022. Towers A and D are still available. The front desk and hall office will remain accessible in Tower B.

Furniture Rental

Jayhawker Towers apartments come with furnished bedrooms and unfurnished living rooms. Living room furniture and queen sized beds, which are shown in the virtual tours, are available from a rental company.

Optional Dining Plans

  • Dining plans are optional for apartment residents. If you are interested in a dining plan, please see the KU dining website for more information.