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Covid-19 Sleeping Room Changes

To accommodate Covid-19 recommended guidelines for physical distancing, sleeping areas in Miller and Watkins Halls have been moved from the shared community porches to the individual student rooms. The beds will be able to be lofted. These changes will remain in effect for the 2021-22 school year.

About Miller

Home to 49 women, Miller Scholarship Hall has a vibrant community and long standing traditions. New "Millerites" are assigned a “big sister” to help adjust to college life and learn traditions such as the annual Alumni Tea, the “Joe’s Place” party (started in the 1930s), and Miller-Watkins Tribute Night.

Residents of Miller Hall are assigned to one of seven shared kitchens and determine their own monthly dining fees. Miller Hall opened in 1937 and was updated in 2017.


Miller is a sister hall to Watkins Scholarship Hall, donated by Elizabeth Watkins who was known as "Lady Bountiful." In part because interest in becoming a “Watkins girl” was growing so rapidly, in 1936, Mrs. Watkins donated another $75,000 to build a virtually identical twin of the original right next door. Called Miller Hall, it was named in honor of Mrs. Watkins’ brother, Frank C. Miller, who briefly attended KU in the 1880s and who, upon his death in 1919, had bequeathed some $50,000 to the University’s student loan fund.

Once again, it appears Mrs. Watkins put the same care into its interior layout and decoration as she had with Watkins hall, even going so far as to personally select the chinaware pattern.


  • Miller Hall

  • 1518 Lilac Lane

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