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Student Resources


two Student Housing student employees wearing face masks, conversing in the Daisy Hill Commons beside their cleaning supplies


Security is a priority. KU Student Housing has a variety of procedures and resources in place to promote safety and security.
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The University of Kansas strives to meet the needs of every student. We can provide accommodations for various differences in medical needs, dietary conditions, or mental health needs.
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Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is a housing option that allows students to share a suite with fellow students regardless of their sex, gender identity, or gender expression.
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Crisis Counseling Resources

The university has many crisis counseling support services available, both at KU and in our community, for students.


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Special Interest Communities

The School of Engineering offers a freshman learning community. This voluntary program brings together engineering and computing students for enrichment opportunities.
KU Honors Program members enjoy living with other students who emphasize academic achievement, close to Nunemaker Hall, the Honors building.
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Academic Resources

KU Student Housing residents have a variety of resources at their disposal, including the writing center, advising center, and a center devoted to academic achievement and access. In each hall there are Academic Resource Centers – designated study and classroom spaces.
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What is the residential curriculum?

Geared toward first-year students, the residential curriculum is a research-backed plan to help first-year students build community and achieve academic success.