Change Room Space After Move In

Typically, there is a room freeze during the first few weeks after the start of classes each semester. This allows time for staff to identify those who applied but did did not show up and to assign students who signed a contract late. 

Residents may request a room change after room freeze ends. However, you may not move to another space without Housing & Residence Life staff authorization. If you do, you will incur charges and may face disciplinary action.

How to request a change

  • Submit the online move request through the myKU portal, enter KU online ID and password. Select "Services" and "Login to Housing."
  • Rates vary by building and room type.
  • Housing & Residence Life staff will contact you with approval or denial of request. Requests are approved based on space availability, student eligibility for the requested space and in accordance with public health guidelines.

Once your request has been approved

  • Residents must accept an approved move request within 24 hours or the request is cancelled.
  • Housing & Residence Life staff will email the confirmed move time and move instructions to you.
  • Take your KUID to the front desk of the building to which you’re moving. You must complete the process within 48 hours or you may be charged for both spaces.
    • Front desk staff at your new building will check you in.
    • Complete your check-in paperwork. In some cases, you receive a room key; other buildings use a swipe access with a proximity card.
    • Move your belongings.
  • Return to your original hall front desk to officially check out of your old space. You will need to complete a walk through inspection with a Housing & Residence Life staff member and return your key. If you fail to properly check out, you will receive administrative and damage fees.

Emergency Room Changes

  • Please contact your Complex Director if you need to change rooms for an emergency situation.