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Graduate Staff

Our graduate staff come from institutions far and wide, but here they all become proud Jayhawks. We would love for your current institution to be represented here next year.

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Grad School at KU

If you're excited to work with students and have an interest in KU's graduate school, the positions of Assistant Complex Director or Scholarship Hall Director are for you. Students qualify for in-state tuition and fee rates, and scholarships.

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The Higher Education Administration Program at the University of Kansas is well-respected and helps students start on the right professional track. Start your career in Lawrence with a degree from KU and you'll have the knowledge and skills to go anywhere.

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A map of some of the places our Jayhawks have landed.

A Day in the Life of an SHD

Follow Cat, a KU graduate student and scholarship hall director (SHD), throughout her day.

A Day in the Life of an ACD

Follow Kaylee, a KU graduate student and assistant complex director (ACD), throughout her day.

Executive Summary of Position Descriptions

As a senior member of the residence life staff, Assistant Complex Directors are involved in the daily management of residential areas housing between 500 and 900 residents. Scholarship Hall Directors directly manage and operate two cooperative living scholarship halls that each house about 50 undergraduate students.

  • Supervise and evaluate undergraduate staff members
  • Foster an environment conducive to academic success
  • Facilitate execution of department residential curriculum and/or community development plan
  • Facilitate development and budgetary needs of program initiatives
  • Develop mentoring relationships with students
  • Participate in student conduct process as hearing officer
  • Respond to student crises and other emergencies
  • Advise student government leaders with an emphasis on input, responsibility, and shared decision-making
  • Monitor the physical maintenance and cleanliness of the hall

In addition to the above responsibilities, Scholarship Hall Directors will also:

  • In cooperation with residents, plan a balanced menu, purchase food items, and train and supervise food preparation within allocated budget
  • Collaborate with undergraduate staff members to schedule and monitor completion of shifts in a cooperative living environment. 


  • In-state tuition rate for higher education administration program
  • Paid biweekly for 22 payroll periods during the academic year
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Furnished apartment plus cable and utilities
  • Dining plan when dining centers are in operation