Frequently Asked Questions

a student housing staff member helping answer questions on move-in day

Contract FAQs

To find your charge and make the payment online:

  1. Log in to Enroll & Pay.
  2. Select Student Financials.
  3. Select Charges Due.

To allow a third party/parent to serve as a delegate on your behalf, follow this information.

Checks or money orders may be sent to:

Housing & Residence Life

422 W. 11th Street, suite DSH

Lawrence KS 66045

The question about possible felony offenses is asked of every prospective resident because Housing & Residence Life has a goal of providing safe and secure housing to all. Persons who have a criminal record involving a felony offense are not eligible for university housing. If you fail to answer the question when you sign the online contract, contract acceptance will be delayed and you will be contacted personally.

KU's Greek chapter houses are not operated by the University. Funds do not transfer between the two entities.

Additionally, Housing & Residence Life contracts are for the full academic year. Once you've moved into Housing & Residence Life, you have accepted the contract for the full academic year. You will not be released from the contract to move into a fraternity chapter house.

Refer to the cancellation policy and charges schedule for more information.

Housing & Residence Life contracts are for the full academic year. Refer to the cancellation policy and charges schedule for more information.

To cancel your student housing contract, follow these steps:

  • Choose "myKU" from the uppermost blue navigation bar above or go to the myKU portal page.
  • Enter your KU online ID and password.
  • Select “Student Housing.”
  • Select “Sign into Housing.”
  • Select "Cancel my housing contract."

The cancellation policy and charges are explained on the contract pages.

If you are unable to sign in to myKU portal, send an email request to

General FAQs

Non-emergency maintenance:

To report non-emergency maintenance issues, submit an online service request.

Please submit one request for each repair to allow efficient response. You can track the status of your request by selecting "my open service requests."

Submit online service request for appliances, flooring, furniture, heating, cooling, or replacing a light bulb in a university owned light fixture.

To report an emergency repair issue:

  • Residence hall residents: Contact the front desk.
  • Apartment residents: Jayhawker Towers residents call 785-864-8305. McCarthy residents call 785-864-6545.
  • Scholarship hall residents: Contact your proctor or scholarship hall director.

Senior staff on duty will respond and notify KU Facilities Services.

Emergency repairs include:

  • Overflowing or clogged toilet, sink or shower
  • Broken door, window or lock
  • Concerns with smoke detectors or fire extinguishers
  • Electrical issues

To request a dining plan change:

  • Log into myKU portal
  • Sign into Student Housing under "Services."
  • Select "Dining Plans."

 To add money to your dining plan, see this page.

Check to see if your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers your belongings while you’re at KU or consider purchasing a policy from a company that specializes in rental insurance. Housing & Residence Life covers facilities only. The University of Kansas is not responsible for student personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

KU students have free laundry in high efficiency, front-loading laundry machines available in every Housing & Residence Life building.

Use high-efficiency laundry soap. The equipment provider recommends using the pre-measured individual single-serving packets.

To report a problem with laundry equipment, contact CSC Service Works, the company KU uses to provide service.

For information about mail and packages, including how residents are notified of incoming packages, visit this page.

No, KU does not require students to live on campus. However, most freshman do choose to live on campus. 

Research has shown that students who live on campus get better grades and graduate in a more timely manner than those who live elsewhere. When you live on campus you have so many opportunities to meet and make new friends: students form study groups, roommates become friends, residents watch TV together in the lobby.

Another benefit is the convenience: by living on campus you can roll out of bed, jump in the shower, catch the KU bus to class, eat great meals either in your own hall or elsewhere on campus, and never worry about grocery shopping, washing dishes, paying utility bills, or long commutes.

Students who live on campus say it’s more convenient, safer, and less expensive than off-campus living. We have the staff and resources to help you meet people, become involved and be more connected to the University. Let us be part of this wonderful and rewarding experience that you’ll value for the rest of your life.

KU is committed to providing an exceptional experience of living and learning together. Many factors combine to form this experience, including your expectations. We know that students who are most satisfied with on-campus living:

  • Have a good relationship with student staff (we have the best Resident Assistants, so this one should be easy.)
  • Participate in programs and activities (we have much to offer you).
  • Have a respect for people of diverse gender, race and ethnicity (you’ll be proud to know that student surveys show KU students excel at this).
  • Return next year for more fun.