a student studying in their scholarship hall room

Housing & Residence Life Scholarships

Housing & Residence Life awards more than $275,000 in scholarship funds to residents annually. Residents may apply to more than 50 scholarship opportunities.

Fill out just one application to apply for multiple scholarships!

We've made the process even easier by linking with UKASH, the University's Awards and Scholarship hub. Just fill out one application in UKASH and answer a brief series of questions to apply to all of the scholarships you qualify for.

Timeline for the 2024–2025 Scholarship Process

The application for the 2024–2025 scholarship process will be open from February 1 - 29, 2024. All scholarship applications will be reviewed and those receiving scholarships will be notified by mid-April.

To be considered you must:

  1. Live on campus currently.
  2. Sign your housing contract to live on campus next year.
  3. Complete FAFSA or the Institutional Needs Analysis Worksheet (ISNAW) for scholarships that consider financial need.
  4. Apply by completing through the housing application on UKASH, the University of Kansas Awards & Scholarship Hub! 


Below are the names of more than 50 scholarships available for Housing & Residence Life residents. Scholarship amounts vary between $500 and $6,000.

Available Scholarship Awards

Qualifying residents in residence halls and apartments my apply to these scholarships and awards with just one application.

  • Alma Poehler Brook Memorial Scholarship (for women in GSP-Corbin only)
  • Caryl Kelley Smith Leadership Scholarship
  • Christopher M Sowa Student Leadership Scholarship
  • Fred McElhenie Scholarship
  • Housing Management Departmental Scholarship
  • Allan W Wicker International Student Scholarship
  • Amanda and Bryce Holt Scholarship
  • ASHC President Scholarship
  • Carol and Paul Gerlach Scholarship
  • Chuck and Mary Ladesich Loveland Student Leadership Award
  • Delmer and Ruth Harris Family Scholarship
  • Dwight and Kay Brua Patton Scholarship
  • Fred McElhenie Scholarship
  • Jean E Milroy Engineering Scholarship
  • Jim and Joyce Kifer Scholarship
  • Kathryn Nemeth Tuttle Student Scholar Award
  • Kent E & Marsha Gilson Palmberg Scholarship
  • KU Scholarship Halls Scholarship
  • K.K. & Margaret Amini Scholarship
  • Carlotta Nellis National Merit Scholarship
  • Chuck Loveland Memorial Award
  • Daniel K. Wanamaker Scholarship
  • Davis Ross Scholarship
  • Drowatzky Family Scholarship
  • E. Dean Werries National Merit Scholarship
  • Ehrlich Family Scholarship
  • Florence Montgomery Memorial Scholarship
  • John Curry Battenfeld Memorial Scholarship
  • Philip and Joann Logan Scholarship
  • Carlotta Nellis Scholarship
  • Christiano Scholarship
  • Douthart Dynasty Scholarship
  • Grace Pearson Alumni Scholarship (men only)
  • Marietta Jackson Scholarship
  • Miller Hall Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Miller Hall Alumnae Scholarship
  • Miller Hall Leadership Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert C. and Lois E. Adams Nelson Scholarship
  • Sally Harshaw Selk Memorial Scholarship
  • Dean J. Milroy Scholarship
  • Ely Shrauner Scholarship
  • Pearson Hall Alumni Scholarship
  • Dr. Robert C. and Lois E. Adams Nelson Scholarship
  • Will Hancock Scholarship
  • Margo Crist Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad
  • Patricia Hackney Miller Scholarship
  • Sara Paretsky Scholarship
  • Sellards Hall Leadership Scholarship
  • Shirley and Wally Strauch Scholarship
  • Sue Callaway Birkholz Memorial Scholarship
  • Lance Storie Foster Memorial Scholarship
  • Ray and Judy Germonprez Scholarship
  • Billie Kent Wiedman Scholarship
  • Lela Ross Metzler Scholarship
  • Muriel Stember Hannig Scholarship
  • Watkins Hall Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Watkins Hall Alumnae Scholarship
  • Watkins Hall Class of 1946 Scholarship
  • Watkins Hall Leadership Scholarship