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Equality, justice and respect matters to KU Student Housing

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This letter was emailed to all residents of KU Student Housing, following the forum on racism and discrimination hosted last week. Additionally, The Student Affairs division, to which KU Student Housing reports, also has issued a statement of support.

Here is what Student Housing said to residents:

Dear KU Student Housing resident,

Last week our campus came together for a town hall discussion on racism and discrimination. Many members of our community shared their experiences with racism and discrimination, including experiences within the KU Student Housing community. We are heartbroken that members of our KU community have been hurt, but we are proud of the students who vividly told their stories and spurred our community to action. Acts of intolerance, discrimination, slights, and insults that marginalize any member of our community cannot be tolerated.

KU Student Housing supports the inherent dignity of, and respect for, every member of our community. Our staff members recommit to the importance of fostering unity and understanding within a community while celebrating the individual. As a department, we commit to creating and supporting environments of education and growth where everyone adheres to principles of equality, justice and respect. Everyone.

Our Chancellor has committed that KU will address issues of racism and discrimination. All members of the KU Student Housing community must educate themselves about diversity and social justice. I challenge all of you to work together -- in respectful and thoughtful ways -- toward the goal of hearing the narratives and promoting an inclusive and supportive educational environment.

Please reach out to your Student Housing staff members if you are aware of individual actions or climate that is not conducive to open dialogue. If you are feeling unsafe, let us know.

You matter. We care. We hear you. And we stand in solidarity with you.



Jennifer Wamelink
Associate Director, Residence Life
KU Student Housing

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