Roommate Matching

Getting to know your roommate and other people on your floor and in your hall can be a rewarding part of your KU college experience.

You do not have to choose a roommate - just choose a space and another Jayhawk will choose the remaining space. If you'd like to match with a roommate, instructions on how to match and select a shared space are below.

Tutorial Videos

Roommate Matching Questionnaire

This questionnaire asks questions about your lifestyle (cleanliness, bedtime, guests, noise, smoking, etc.), as well as questions about preferences in a roommate.

The roommate report asks that you select – from your own roommate questionnaire – your five most important lifestyle preferences. It will compare your answers with another student’s survey to see if you match and help you identify prospective roommates. You will see a potential roommate's cell phone number and may use that to call or text each other.

How to generate a roommate matching report (video)

Keep in mind that more than half of new incoming residents don’t pre-select a roommate. If, after you look around a bit, you decide to go potluck and be randomly matched, that’s OK.

    Please Note

    • As students self-assign or are pulled in as roommates, any remaining spaces in a room, suite or apartment are available for selection by other students.

    • KU Student Housing retains the right to assign or reassign any space.