Stouffer First-Year Move-In

students walking along the sidewalk to Stouffer Place apartments

Freshmen or Non-Freshmen?

The freshmen communities in Stouffer Place will move in Thursday, August 17, much like residence hall students. You need the instructions on this page only if you're a Stouffer Place freshman. 

Non-freshman residents can find move-in information on the Apartments Move In page.

Instructions for Stouffer Place freshman on Aug. 17


  • Find your move-in time in the arrival schedules.
  • At your arrival time, start at 19th Street and Ellis Drive. You must approach Ellis Drive from the east on 19th Street, then turn right. You cannot turn left onto Ellis Drive if you approach from the west.
    • TIP: enter “1615 Ellis” into your navigation to lead you near the starting location.
  • Staff will guide you to the unloading zone.


  • Residents are limited to two vehicles in the unloading zone during their specific move-in time. 
  • If you have two vehicles, try to have the student arrive in the unloading zone first.
  • Trailers, U-hauls and box trucks are prohibited during move-in.​​​
  • Student takes KU ID card into the hall to check in and retrieve their room key. Student returns to help move items to the room.
  • Guests of the student stay with the vehicle and unload at designated areas. Staff will help direct unloading.
  • A driver should remain with the vehicle at all times and be available to move it.


  • When finished unloading, drivers will be directed to park in Lot 130 north of Stouffer Place, then walk back to the building.
  • Exit the unloading zone by turning right onto 18th street. Follow the roundabout to the third exit for Ousdahl. Turn left into the parking lot.
  • Persons with limited mobility should stay at the hall and not travel to long-term parking.

Important Details

  • Communities will hold their first floor meeting and dinner sometime between 5–7 PM.
  • It is not possible to unload trailers, RVs, or U-Hauls on move-in day.
  • Please break down used boxes for recycling.

Stouffer Place First Year Move-In Map

Stouffer Place move-in map preview image

Stouffer First Year Move-In Map 2023 (PDF)

Approach the starting point at 19th Street and Ellis Drive from the east. If you approach the intersection from the west, you will be unable to make a left turn onto Ellis Drive.

Once you arrive at the starting point on move-in day, staff and signage will direct you every step of the way.

Boarding pass not needed

There are no boarding passes for your car necessary for this community, unlike other move-in locations.

Arrival Schedule for Stouffer Place Freshmen

Most Stouffer Place freshmen residents move in Thursday, August 17.

Please help by observing the correct schedule. Arrival times are the window of time you need to be at the "start" position on your map, not at the door of your building. Student Housing employees will be staffing the elevators to ensure that they go to the proper floor that corresponds to the arrival times below.

Students who cannot make their arrival window will need to sign up for an alternative time through their myKU portal. If you arrive outside your arrival time, you may be delayed.

Approved Early Arrivals

Early move-in is available for approved groups such as Panhellenic recruitment, band, Options, or ROTC. Students can submit an early arrival request through their myKU portal.

Students approved for early arrival will receive information from their program. You must be on the group’s roster to be permitted early move-in. Early arrival fees may be charged by either Student Housing or your sponsoring group.

In extenuating circumstances, students may request an early move-in through their myKU portal, subject to approval. If approved a nightly fee will be charged to the student.

Stouffer Place Freshman Arrival Schedules

Saturday, August 12
Schedule for Approved Early Arrivals

August 12, approved early arrival schedule for Stouffer Place freshman
TimeStouffer Floor
8:00 AM6th Floor
9:00 AM5th Floor
10:00 AM4th Floor
11:00 AM

3rd Floor
2nd Floor
1st Floor

Thursday, August 17
Move-In Day Schedule

August 17, move-in day, arrival schedule for Stouffer Place freshman
TimeStouffer Rooms
7:30 AM 
8:00 AM634–649
8:30 AM 
9:00 AM526–529
9:30 AM530–549
10:00 AM 
10:30 AM400–429
11:00 AM430–449
11:30 AM 
12:00 PM300–329
12:30 PM330–349
1:00 PM 
1:30 PM200–249