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Lewis Hall is home to Gender Inclusive Housing

  1. What is Gender Inclusive Housing at KU?

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is a housing option that allows students to live in a suite, regardless of their sex, gender identity, gender expression or the sex, gender identity, gender expression of their roommates.

  1. Where is GIH located?

Gender Inclusive Housing is located in Lewis Hall. There is a group of four-person suites designated to accommodate individuals who select GIH. Each suite includes a shared living room space and a shared bathroom within the suite.

  1. Who can participate in GIH?

Gender Inclusive Housing is open to any student who wishes to be housed in a gender inclusive environment, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once the GIH community is full, students can request other housing accommodations based on gender identity.  Please see the accommodations process. GIH was created to provide accessible housing for the LGBTQ+ community with an emphasis on trans students.

  1. I identify as queer or trans, but I have someone I want to live with who is not. I know GIH is intended for the queer/trans community. Can I live in GIH with my straight/cis friend?

Yes. GIH should be a place where queer/trans residents can be comfortable living authentically, and sometimes that means living with a friend who isn’t LGBTQ. We ask that anyone living in GIH joins us in celebrating queer/trans identities and recognizes that outreach and programs in this community will be tailored to a queer/trans population.

  1. I identify as non-binary. Am I allowed to live in GIH?


  1. What is the cost of GIH?

Rates for gender inclusive housing are the same as other student rates.

  1. Is GIH a learning community?

Gender Inclusive Housing is not part of a learning community. There is no academic component or requirement for living in the gender inclusive housing option.

  1. How are roommates selected for GIH? How will unoccupied spaces be filled?

Students in GIH who do not identify roommates will be assigned roommates who have also selected to live in gender inclusive housing. Unfilled spaces will not be filled with students who have not requested to live in the GIH community.

  1. What if I sign-up for GIH and change my mind, can I still live on campus?

Yes, if space is available. The process for changing rooms is different before and after move in. Before move-in, go online to choose a new space. After move-in, submit a room change request located in the myKU housing portal.

  1. What if I don’t want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, but want a space congruent with my gender identity, even though it does not match the gender on my legal identification?

Our commitment is to helping students find the living environment that best meets their needs while affirming their gender identity. Contact Ash Wilson, ashleighwilson@ku.edu, or 785-864-7035.

  1. Since Honors and GIH are in the same building, can I be a part of both?

No, GIH and honors are two distinctly different communities that happen to be in one building. Our selection process will only allow you to choose one community.

  1. How can I sign-up for GIH?

Apply and agree to the contract terms. Instructions are found here. Students who select Gender Inclusive Housing will receive an email from Ash Wilson, ashleighwilson@ku.edu, 785-864-7035, welcoming them to the community and providing them with more information.

Here are two good resources for you before you sign up: Here are instructions and a video on selecting a space and pulling in a roommate. And here are instructions and a video on selecting a space and not pulling in a roommate (potluck).

  1. I’m worried there won’t be space available in GIH when it’s my turn to sign up. What should I do?

If there are no more spaces, you can email Ash Wilson at ashleighwilson@ku.edu or housing@ku.edu. We’ll put you on a list and let you know if anything become available. You won’t necessarily know if there is still space in GIH by the time your room selection occurs, so have a back-up plan to be on the waiting list or have a second building in mind.

  1. My family isn’t supportive of my queer/trans identity. Will you tell my family I’m in GIH?

No. And we’re glad to be here to help you find a supportive GIH community at KU.

More than $200,000 in annual scholarships to returning residents
Academic success: More than 94 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen in student housing enroll for the next semester
5,100 residents choose student housing each year
Residence hall rates are almost $2,000 less per year than the national average for public schools
— College Board
$4 million alumni gift funded Krehbiel Scholarship Hall
Options include suites, private bedroom with shared bath, two-person rooms, scholarship halls, and apartments
Oswald and Self residence halls opened in 2015
One bill covers all costs: room, food, utilities, and wireless Internet
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities