Room Selection Preparation Checklist

This page helps you collect the information you need for selecting your room. You may find it useful to print this page and complete it before before you log in to the myKU portal to choose your space.

Note: This page is for residence hall and apartment residents. Scholarship halls have an in-hall selection process and a scholarship hall dining plan.

Get Your Group Number

Before you can select your room, you must first make sure:

☐ You have paid your enrollment deposit.
☐ You have completed your housing application and contract in the myKU portal.

Confirm Your Selection Time

If you have completed the above steps, then you will receive a room selection group number on April 5th.

Once you have received your group number, confirm your room selection time: _______________ and date: _______________

Learn how to find your group number and set your roommate PIN (video).

Choose Your Community

Think about which housing option best fits your priorities, such as location, privacy, special interests, and affordability. Identify a ranked list of choices in case your first choice is no longer available at your room selection time.

Room selection ranked choices
 Building NameRoom Type
First Choice  
Second Choice  
Third Choice  

Dining Plan

KU dining plan is required for a residence hall contract. Dining plans are optional for apartments.

☐ Rock Chalk All-Access
☐ Jayhawk Residential Unlimited
☐ Crimson Flex
☐ Blue Flex
☐ $440 Plan

Roommate Matching

☐ No predetermined roommate (most common)
☐ Predetermined roommate
☐ 1-Person Room (no roommates)

If you have at least one predetermined roommate in mind, you will need to gather their information to complete the table below before you begin room selection. You will need this information when you select space.

All roommates need to have applied and signed the contract at least 24 hours before selection. The roommate with the earliest selection time should choose the space for the group.

PLEASE NOTE: The room selection system is sensitive to correct spelling and spacing.

Roommate matching information
 Roommate 1Roommate 2Roommate 3
Pref FName
(preferred first name)
Pref LName
(preferred last name)
PIN Number   
Dining Plan Choice   

Selection Confirmation

Once you’ve selected your space, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Use the myKU portal to view details related to your housing selection and to see roommates’ names and contact information. If you pulled in roommates, each of them will also receive a confirmation email.