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Guest Policy Updated

Email sent to all campus residents on October 27:


Guest Policy Updated, October 27, 2020. A new guest policy will be in effect for Spring 2021 semester.

Dear On-Campus Residents,

Over the last several weeks, students leaders from the Association of University Residence Halls (AURH), the All Scholarship Hall Council (ASHC), and the Apartment Living Association (APLA) have each engaged current on-campus residents about the possibility of relaxing KU Student Housing’s restrictions on guests due to COVID-19. After thoughtful discussion and careful consideration, each of these governing councils has recommended changes to the guest restriction that leadership in KU Student Housing has accepted. Effective immediately, guests will be allowed inside KU Student Housing buildings, with the following parameters:

    • Only guests from other KU Student Housing buildings will be permitted. Off-campus students, family, or friends are still not allowed. For example: Stouffer Place resident may be hosted as a guest by a Corbin resident; Rieger resident may be hosted as a guest by a Krehbiel resident, Ellsworth resident may be hosted as a guest by a Downs resident, etc. Greek chapter houses are off-campus properties, so Greek members living off campus may not be hosted as guests in KU Student Housing buildings.
    • All policies regarding Guests/Visitation in the KU Student Housing Handbook apply, including:
      • When a resident hosts guests, the resident must always escort the guests within the building. Only a resident of the building may serve as the host.
      • A resident may host a guest in their unit (room, suite, or apartment) with prior express consent of all contracted residents of the unit.
      • The resident is responsible for their guest(s) at all times. Residents are liable for any and all damage caused by their guest during the course of a visit.
    • All COVID-19 parameters should be followed inside resident rooms/suites/apartments, with face coverings worn and social distancing guidelines observed.
  • In RESIDENCE HALLS and APARTMENT BUILDINGS: Each resident may host up to 2 guests at a time, with a total maximum occupancy inside any unit limited to no more than 10 total people, including all room occupants, guests, and residents from other rooms within the same building.
  • In SCHOLARSHIP HALLS: Each resident may host 1 guest at a time, with the maximum number of total guests in the scholarship hall limited to 15 people. Each scholarship hall will meet individually to discuss where in each building guests are permitted and post this information for residents at the main entries. Until these meetings occur, guests in scholarship halls will only be permitted inside the residents’ individual rooms/suites and cannot be hosted in the living room, floor lounges, or dining areas of the scholarship hall.

Most importantly, residents must remember that the consent of roommates within the room/suite/apartment is required for guests to be hosted. All students are encouraged to have verbal conversations with their roommates about this change and how it will impact the dynamic in the room/suite/apartment.

A resident’s right to privacy and to be treated with respect and consideration takes priority over another resident’s right to host guests. Should a conflict within a room/suite/apartment occur, residents will be required to re-visit their roommate agreement, and can face student conduct action for failing to abide by shared expectations within their room/suite/apartment and/or any of the updated policies in this message. Undergraduate staff (RAs and Proctors) can assist roommates with these conversations.

This change to the guest policy is anticipated to last through the remainder of the fall semester. Should the situation around COVID-19 change before the semester ends, this policy may again be adapted to protect the on-campus population.

Thank you to the on-campus resident population for your support and for working hard to follow COVID-19 precautions this semester. Thank you, too, to the student leaders in AURH, ASHC, and APLA for leading the dialog around this change.

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